How Much Does A Luxury Wedding In The South Of France Cost? As A Seasoned Wedding Planner, I Can Tell You That It Could Cost More Than Just One-Million Dollars If You Don’t Get The Right Info When Starting To Plan! Don’t Worry Though – There Are Ways To Get All The Details On Budgets Without Having To Take Out A Second Mortgage. Get Ready For An Unforgettable Day And Let Me Help Make Sure Nothing Breaks The Bank Along The Way!

Luxury Wedding In The South Of France: How Much Does It Cost? 

First and foremost, I need to highlight that these prices are not middle-range services, nor are my weddings. If your dream is to tie the knot at a luxurious wedding in one of the loveliest places on Earth – The South Of France, read ahead to know what splendor comes with 100 guests and our top-notch services! Check out how much each service on a luxury wedding in the South of France costs.

how much luxury wedding in south of france cost
floral arragement
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Wedding planner costs

Make your wedding in South France unforgettable by hiring a local planner, with specialties in destination weddings. A knowledgeable, experienced wedding planner will be your go-to guide to get a perfect concept, find reliable vendors – and even handle all of those pesky logistics! It’s stress-free planning for an extraordinary occasion.

With all that in mind, you must be assertive when choosing a good wedding planner. To book your wedding with me, consider a budget of 16,800€ for a 2023 wedding in Provence.

how much luxury wedding in south france cost
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Wedding venue costs in the South of France

If you are getting married in the South of France, it is very likely that you’ll choose one of its properties – which might also be called villa – to celebrate your wedding. These places often offer accommodations for the couple and their guests (or at least for some of them) – this means that you can privatize an entire property to gain more privacy for you and your guests. 

So, if you choose to privatize a villa for your wedding during the weekend (from Friday to Sunday), you’ll be spending around 25,000€. However, if you are planning to have a rehearsal dinner and other celebrations, for example, the costs might rise. 

Check out some of the best places to get married in the South of France:

wedding destination in provence in chateau d'estoublon
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A whole gastronomic experience

Above all, this is one of the greatest advantages when it comes to getting married in France. Due to our gastronomic tradition, you get the chance to taste delicacies from Michelin-starred chefs and try some of the best wines around the world. Imagine you’ll have a great menu, prepared with local fresh ingredients. Well, this experience speaks for itself – and I’m sure your guests will be impressed. 

To have some of the best catering companies in the region, you might spend something from 260€ / guest up to 500€ / guest, refined tableware included.

Regarding the beverages – wine and champagne -, bear in mind that you’ll spend approximately 8,000 €. 

Additionally, for the wedding cake, you can expect to pay around 2,000 € depending on its design, height, and decoration.

how much luxury wedding in south france cost
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The dreamiest scenery

No matter if you chose Provence or the French Riviera, you are getting married in some of the most gorgeous landscapes around the world. 

So, I commit to helping you with an aesthetic vision that blends perfectly with the place and your style. Get set to say “I do” in the gorgeous French countryside and transform your special day into an unforgettable experience with a dedicated budget of 25.000€ and beyond!- from floral arrangements to scenic views.

And remember that decor is not only made of flowers. You’ll also need the lighting, which might cost 6,000 € and equally important, the rentals (furniture, tables, chairs) should also be included in your budget and their price is usually around 6,500 €. 

how much luxury destination wedding in south france cost
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Photo & video

Of course, you’ll want to capture every minute of your wedding. To hire the best photographers in the South of France, you might consider a budget of 16,000 €, for two professionals on your wedding day itself. For the video, the price is around 15,000 €.

wedding destination groom and birde
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Please, don’t stop the music!

What makes parties more enjoyable and ceremonies even more heartwarming? Music! If you want a live band for your wedding, this should cost around  18,000€. For the DJ, you’ll likely spend at least 3,000€. And don’t forget about the technicians who are in charge of making all of this happen: it might cost around 4,500€.

Singer in the luxury destination wedding
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Hair and make-up costs

So, you’ve already said yes to the perfect dress, and you want to look stunning on your big day in the South of France, right? For the bridal hair and make-up, costs are from 950€ to 2,000€ depending on the beauty artist’s celebrity. 

Bridal make-up for her luxury destination wedding
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And do not forget…

Stationery (a 2000€ ticket), wedding officiant roughly 1200-1600€), favors (OMG, it depends on your wishes.. let’s bet a “starting from €/ guest). All those little extras for your wallet will definitely have an immersive impact on your guests at your wedding celebration. 

how much luxury wedding in france cost
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To sum it up…how much does a luxury wedding in the South of France cost?

I’ve saved you some time by doing the legwork and putting together a neat package of values to make life simpler. Check it out! The total cost of a luxury wedding in the South of France is around 173.000-176.000€. 

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Most frequent questions about “How much does it cost to have a wedding in France?”

How much does a luxury wedding cost in France?

A luxury wedding in France usually costs more than 170,000€ for a hundred guests. 

How much does a destination wedding cost in France?

As mentioned in this article, a luxury destination wedding in the South of France usually costs more than 170,000€ for 100 guests. 

Can I get married in the south of France?

Yes, of course! However, if you are a non-resident, you’ll only be able to do a symbolic ceremony.

Domaine Le Beauvallon Wedding in French Riviera
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