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” As far back as I could remember, I’ve always been in search of aesthetics as I love being surrounded by beauty thru an entire experience to deliver.
I found beauty in generosity, kindness, human happiness. (un)predictable  wow emotions and well defined dreams that i date to achieve.
My job is my ideal. Imagining, creating and producing give me the chance to live surrounded with beauty.
I’m also a process driven woman. And I can’t wait to discover and learn more about you both “.
– M
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Picturesque Southern France

Typical weddings in Southern France have long cocktails, with food and drinks, then a generous seated dinner – with cheese! – and then party all night long.. until sun is rising.

You are francophile. And you have all good reasons to be.

You are dreaming about an elegant destination wedding.

You are dreaming about a creative cuisine to enchant your guests papillae.

You are dreaming about some splendid properties where to host your wedding, without problem of curfew.

See Alexandria & Nicholas wedding in Provence 

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Lake Como, Italy’s glamour

The fame of Lake Como has many origins, and clearly, it is not hard  to fall in love with the area even before travelling there. 

Super VIP, and in the meantime very private, there is this je-ne-sais-quoi on Lake Como that brings your experience onto the next level. 

All the villas, the green of the waters reflecting the highness of the mountains, and the deep sense of hospitality of the locals, are definitely making the place unique and bar-to-none for you several days wedding. 

See Marini & Bimo’s wedding on Lake Como

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Soon on the journal, Nathalie & Ghassan’s Wedding on Lake Como

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Amalfi Coast & Capri’s Dolce Vita

Who has never dreamed of such a paradise on earth like Amalfi Coast, or Sorrentine Coast and Capri? I’m not gonna throw stones at you.This part of Italy has absolutely everything. 

Direct flights to international airports, more than 300 sunny days a year, clear blue water and an incomparable sense of hospitality of the locals. 

While having our second office in Naples, with Alessandra, we are elated to show you every secret gems of our unique  area. 

See Bea & Jacky ‘s wedding in Capri

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And sometimes, I’m flying out with you…

As great minds think alike, when you suggest me your irresistible wedding project but outside of my initial areas of expertise, I can’t help but thinking about working with you. 

If you are having a very tricky-challenging-wedding vision, we will become the best partners in crime.  100% sure, ha!

New York (USA), Amorgos (Greece), Santorini (Greece), Ibiza (Spain), Marbella (Spain) are some of the specific locations I already covered. 

Soon, on the Journal, the stories of those weddings planned on the locations named above.

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