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Wedding Stories

Embark on this Extravagant Wedding in Lake Como we planned some few months ago!

There are those rendez-vous that are obvious since the very first minute you speak all together. I will never have enough vocabulary to express my gratitude for the trustful relationship we build through the months. Love. - Love. - Love.

From incredible Villa Sola Cabiati, to their morning photoshoot on a very sought after wooden "Lucia Boat", we worked with our very beloved team.

My core values and commitment to you!


Fun loving | Smiles make everything easier.
Because smiling is a way of being, I am clearly convinced with a smile, we can go further.
With a smile you obtain things you’re dreaming of, like a child can do when asking for a candy.
Let’s smile and have fun together!


This is the absolute memorable experience to live together:

You had more then you expected when we started our great adventure!

Your guests felt comfortable and thought this wedding was perfectly you!

The professional team had also a great adventure with both of you and your guests.


My motto is unalterable: no shortcuts.
Even if I am a destination wedding planner for years now, I make a point of starting new for each project, for each story.
Great methods, with no habits.
That’s my secret for you!


Methods & Trends.

Destination Weddings are what I am about.

For years, I built methods to enhance your destination wedding experience.No matter where you want to go, I will make it happen.


Elegance should be everywhere!

Some may call it beauty, some may call it sumptuous.

I simply call it elegance.

Your style is one of the most important spirit of your wedding.

Let’s combine Style & Elegance.


Each of the couples I accompany is the most important one for me. 

So, I make a point of keeping private all informations regarding their positions, the money they spend  or anything else in relation with their privacy to the suppliers

I am your destination wedding planner.


There is no limit to what we can accomplish” – Michelle Obama* Find and save ideas about our concrete and curated spotlighted posts. Destination Wedding Planner


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