Whether you're dreaming of a breathtaking sunset ceremony over the Mediterranean or a lavish reception at a historic estate, your wedding at Beauvallon on the French Riviera promises to be an unforgettable event. All while overlooking the iconic St. Tropez Bay.

Le Beauvallon, the historic Côte d’Azur estate

Nestled on the glittering shores of the Saint Tropez bay, Le Beauvallon embodies the timeless elegance and charm of the French Riviera. For over a century, this historic estate has welcomed couples from around the world, drawn to its unique blend of history, art, and luxury, for their wedding.

With a rich and fascinating history dating back to the early 20th century, Le Beauvallon was once the private residence of the Lambertye family before evolving into an internationally renowned hotel while preserving its character and old-world charm. Today, under Sino-Monégasque ownership, this venue is a treasure trove of art and architecture, with each of its hundred rooms exuding its own unique character and style.

Beyond its prestigious past, Le Beauvallon is where art meets elegance. Immaculate gardens dotted with contemporary sculptures create a romantic yet modern atmosphere, perfect for hosting an elegant and sophisticated wedding.

For couples seeking a unique destination wedding, Le Beauvallon offers the ideal setting. Whether you dream of an outdoor ceremony by the beach overlooking the sea or a lavish reception on the expansive terrace, this iconic venue provides endless possibilities for creating lasting memories.

In summary, Le Beauvallon is more than just a wedding venue; it’s the most iconic location on the French Riviera, steeped in history, art, and glamour. For a wedding that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with contemporary splendor, Le Beauvallon is the perfect choice.

Why hire an experienced wedding planner to organize your destination wedding at Hotel Le Beauvallon?

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Your wedding at Le Beauvallon on the French Riviera promises to be an extraordinary event. To ensure a successful ceremony and a meticulously planned stay, you’ll need some assistance. By hiring an experienced wedding planner specializing in destination weddings, you’re securing a formidable ally in tackling the challenges of wedding organization. It’s worth noting that we’re proud partners of Le Beauvallon. That’s something we’re really excited about.

The advantages of hiring a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner to orchestrate your wedding at Le Beauvallon comes with a host of benefits, far beyond just managing logistical details. Here’s why bringing in an experienced professional can turn your special day into an unforgettable event :

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Benefit from the experience of a wedding planner

The expertise and experience of a wedding planner will keep you from falling into the traps associated with organizing your wedding at Le Beauvallon.

A wedding planner brings substantial expertise and experience in planning, producing, and executing weddings of all sizes and styles. The logistics at Le Beauvallon can be complex, and the wedding planner is your best (and only) ally to have everything under control without any last-minute surprises.

Access to the best suppliers

A wedding planner has access to a network of trusted vendors. An experienced wedding planner establishes strong relationships with reliable partners, such as renowned florists, award-winning caterers, and talented photographers. By working with a wedding planner, you’ll have access to the top professionals in the industry, ensuring exceptional quality and service throughout your wedding at Le Beauvallon.

Her knowledge of the region at your wedding’s service

Planning a destination wedding in France, especially here on the Côte d’Azur, requires an in-depth knowledge of the region and its regulations. An experienced wedding planner who knows the area well will be able to recommend the best local vendors and quickly resolve any unexpected issues that may arise.

Say goodbye to stress with a wedding planner

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re juggling other personal and professional commitments. By entrusting the planning of your wedding to an experienced wedding planner, you can relax and fully enjoy every precious moment surrounding your big day at Le Beauvallon hotel.

Close collaboration for a tailor-made wedding

A wedding planner works closely with you to understand your tastes, preferences, and vision, to bring your desires and expectations to life. Whether you dream of a romantic sunset ceremony on the beach or a lavish reception in the lush gardens of Le Beauvallon, a destination wedding planner can create a customized wedding that perfectly reflects your personality.

In summary, hiring an experienced wedding planner for your wedding at Le Beauvallon offers you the peace of mind, creativity, and expertise needed to make your vision a memorable day for the rest of your life.

Wedding at Le Beauvallon: Hiring a wedding planner who knows the area

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When it comes to planning your wedding at Le Beauvallon on the French Riviera, having a wedding planner who knows the region inside out can make all the difference. My in-depth knowledge of the wedding industry and the area has allowed me to organize lavish destination weddings in France. This extensive experience enables me to quickly solve potential problems and handle any unexpected situations that may arise during your wedding at Le Beauvallon.

The French Riviera holds no secrets for me. From prestigious estate to stunning views of the Mediterranean, I can recommend venues with breathtaking settings. Having organized numerous weddings in this region, I can advise you best on airport accessibility, hotel capacity in the vicinity to accommodate all your guests, and so much more.

Indeed, planning a wedding in a distant destination far from home, in another country, in another language, can pose logistical challenges such as coordinating accommodations for guests, managing local permits, dealing with quotes from various vendors you’re not familiar with, cultural differences, and language barriers.

Our NYC former clients’ wedding at Le Beauvallon: a timeless experience

For this New York-based couple, they needed a venue that wowed with its beauty and was easily accessible for the 200 guests coming from all corners of the United States and Europe. The beauty of the venue and the airport were the main selling points. As a side note, the couple had long debated between Lake Como and one of its iconic villas. It’s true that Milan airport with its direct flights is always very tempting. But there was just something about it: the various spaces offered on the Beauvallon website allowed the clients to envision themselves there. We even had more options available than events to organize. So, for this summer wedding on the French Riviera, we ultimately opted for a ceremony around the pool. The space there is absolutely massive. The cocktail that followed took place on the Rotunda to immerse the guests in the waters of the Gulf of St. Tropez. Beauvallon has direct access to the public beach, while also having its own pontoon for docking and crossing to St. Tropez in less than 10 minutes.

The dinner and outdoor evening were held on the large terrace: allowing us to surprise the guests at each highlight of the day. Not to mention the various rooms and indoor spaces where we took care of the preparations and other family times, so precious during a wedding day. Enough to remember a Beauvallon wedding for a lifetime.

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In conclusion, entrusting me with your wedding planning guarantees a flawless destination experience. With my intimate knowledge of the region, I’ll craft your Beauvallon celebration into a personalized, stress-free affair perfectly aligned with your dreams and vision.