Lake Como, ITALY

Location informations

Area :

Villa Sola Cabiati is located in Tremezzina, the direct municipality linked to Tremezzo, on the Western Shore of Lake Como. 

The nearest airports are Milan Malpensa  (Italy) or Lugano (Switzerland).

One is 50 minutes away from the Villa. 

The second one is 30 minutes away from the Villa.

Historical venue, where Napoleon Bonaparte & Josephine stayed several Tims, when invited by their friend Duc de Serbelloni. 

6 glorious suites on site. 

I recommend this Villa for an intimate wedding if you want to have all benefits of each spaces. Intimate for 50/80 guests.

Every under numbers will be also perfect.

Why i love this place

You remember the crush you’ve had had for this guy in High School? The coolest one? 

Ok. You got it.

Villa Sola Cabiati is my crush, the same way. I could wrote thousand words to try to explain why I love Villa Salo Cabiati. 

I will simply say : aesthetics and history! 

Why you should choose it

You should choose this incredible Villa if you’re looking for an historical venue, with very impressive past.

Your wedding will fully embarked on a divine level, that can not be created in many other places on earth. 


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