What our 2020 should have been like

Muriel Saldalamacchia
Muriel Saldalamacchia

For more than 10 years in the destination wedding business, travelling the world for weddings, Muriel is France based, but has also rocked in Italy few years ago.
Asides her travels with her clients, Muriel is also an International Speaker, dealing with her peers onto the Luxury and destination Wedding Market.
Muriel is also a French author, and will see her books translated in English in 2020.

A simple look back of what 2020 should have been like, making 2021 already full of promises as 90% have had to be postponed.

What our 2020 should have been like ! 


Without being in the wrong circle of vibes, we’re soon to open our 2021 bookings (like we always do since more than 10 years). 
I can’t help of now making a point of looking ahead thanks this post. And honestly, maybe this one won’t be a huge of value for you. But, I really needed to write it down here. 
At least, it will give a sort of exposure to my partners, all owners of those venues, who literally lived like all of us the worst year ever. 
BOLD : I am beyond excited to openly list here the locations we should have been able to celebrate at some days, weeks, months ago. 
Let’s make this 2020 year a positive foundation of what we will build for 2021. 


I have some week-ends opened for your new 2021 wedding.
80% of success is showing up => now expecting to hear back from you #newlyengaged ! 

May | Palace Le Beauvallon, Côte d’Azur France

Launching the wedding season at beloved Palace Le Beauvallon, with a little bit more of 200 guests travelling from all over the World. 

This is an amazing Palace, private hotel where to celebrate, with dozens of possibilities, where creativity has no limit but the number of days of celebration. Privatise all or nothing 🙂 

luxury wedding in French Riviera
Domaine Beauvallon

June | Villa Geno, Lake Como Italy

Expecting initially around 170 guests from (mainly) Lebanon, our clients chose Villa Geno for its architecture, and easy-to-go destination. 

Milan international Airport is less than 1 hour of drive, and we gather a list of selected accommodations in order to welcome each guests. 

©Villa Geno | Gabrielle Basilico

July | Chateau Estoublon, Provence France

Our 7th destination wedding celebrated there since our first one in 2017. 

I personally  can’t be tired of this Chateau from my Childhood. (yes I always knew from him as I’m native from the area) – Always different, always brilliant with an impeccable service provided by the entire team at Chateau d’Estoublon. 

Can’t wait for the 2021 celebration there with you buddies ! 

©Thomas Paulet | Chateau Estoublon

July | Les Confines, Les Alpilles France

Imagine your stay in a typical Mas in Provence, nestled in les Alpilles surrounded by several gardens, including a remarkable one. This is what this property delivers for the intimate wedding of our clients.

Our second time there, and we can’t wait to live this family-style wedding there in less than 12 months. 

©Les Confines

August | Giardini del Fuenti, Amalfi Coast Italy

We’ve been so excited to plan this wedding as the venue is brand new for weddings on Amalfi Coast. 

Overlooking the sea, several terraces where to create several key moments. The dream venue where entertaining the guests is a piece of cake. 


©Giardini del Fuenti

August | Villa Erba (and more), Lake Como Italy

An epic 4 days celebration in Lake Como for our clients was planned, one day of celebration = one location. Having their big day at iconic Villa Erba, we’re on our way to embark for this wedding to take place on a Week-day now in 2021. 

Looking forward to this amazing experience by the Lake again. 

©Villa Erba

September | Bastide du Roy, Côte d'Azur France

A very very much well expected wedding full of Entertainement, gastronomy and flowers. 

Bastide du Roy welcomed Mike Jagger & Bianca some decades ago. Next year, as we postponed the wedding, La Bastide will welcome us 🙂 And that will make a difference, ha! 

©Bastide du Roy

September | Domaine de Murtoli, Corsica France

Corsica is the Island of wildness, authenticity. And we love playing weddings there. Being half Corsican, half Sicilian, this explains that 🙂

Again, postponed was the key as couple’s live is always the right answer. See y’all in 2021 in Corsica… 

©Felicia Sisco

October | Chateau de Tourreau (2 times), Provence France

October 2020 Chateau de Tourreau was home, two times. A simple hazard of calendar for those two Autumn weddings we should have to celebrate in few weeks. 

©Chateau de Tourreau

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