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From our heartfelt connections to the exquisite details of your special day, this page is brimming with invaluable insights you won’t want to overlook.

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Our relations & meetings

Picture this: from the moment our paths intertwine, I’m utterly devoted to making your wedding dreams a reality. I thrive on genuine connections and believe wholeheartedly in the power of sincere professionalism.

Here’s the deal: our bond transcends mere acquaintance. While we may not be best buddies, rest assured, our dynamic is built on a foundation of trust and respect, ensuring we remain focused and objective in every task and mission at hand.

Crystal clear? Good. Because your happiness means the world to me.

Let’s talk logistics: we’re in this together, and that means meeting as often as necessary. No arbitrary limits here; we’ll chat and strategize until every detail is just right. After all, the strongest relationships are forged in trust and transparency.

Ready to embark on this journey with me? Reach out today, and let’s start turning your wedding dreams into reality. Your vision, my expertise—it’s a match made in matrimonial heaven.

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My concrete services & fees

Welcome to a world of full-service planning only!

Whatever you have in mind, I do cover it all with my exclusive team, by your side.

As I love when everything is clear, transparent and simple, I charge for a flat fee, covering absolutely every services we have to include to be able to plan and produce your destination wedding.

Starting from 17.800 EUR – Tavel fees apply on actual costs.

What my fees are including :

  • The personalized approach and study of your project,
  • All vendors management: research, budget, agreements,
  • Venues scouting and management,
  • Accommodations recommendations and selections,
  • Catering consultation,
  • Scenery management and aesthetic creation for the whole wedding, for all days.
  • Wine, Champagne, signature cocktails’ selections,
  • Your general planning 24/7 with comprehensive online resources,
  • The general timeline dedicated to the detailed planning process, detailed wedding-day planning,
  • Our meetings – at distance, on site.
  • All of our meetings on site in the area when you are coming to visit and work on your wedding.
  • The payments’ schedule and budget management – crosswise juncture with vendors,
  • All controlled lists of accommodations for your guests,
  • Your wedding week’s planning,
  • The entire wedding-day management and coordination
  • The total respect of your privacy specially when mandatory for you.
  • Our complete devotion and availability to guide you.
  • Our professionalism and joie-de-vivre.

List of suppliers and partners we manage for you

  • Castles, mansions, estates, ballrooms, farmhouse, privatized islands…
  • Hotels and all accommodations for your guests
  • Wedding caterers, Star Chefs, Cake-designers, local cheese shops…
  • Vineyards properties, wine cellars, Champagne, sommelier, bar tenders,
  • Music: from violinist to DJ, via live-bands, orchestra, string quartet, gipsy bands…
  • Ceremonies (civil, religious, symbolic),
  • Beauty: hair and make up for the bride, the bridesmaids and the groom (barber and or anti-shining make-up)
  • Scenography: tabletop design, linen, art de la table,
  • Florists, wedding-designers,
  • Invitations, stationery-designer
  • Rentals, tenting,
  • Lightnings and sounds,
  • Entertainments, fireworks
  • Photography and videography,
  • Kids sitters,
  • Special cars,
  • Transportations, Touring.

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My process with you

As our flat fee is improving the necessary openness of our bespoke service, be also reassured by our process described below:

Thanks a first complementary consultation we will be able to chat and to envision together your expectations. In a way, we will also estimate if we could be the best partners in crime for our destination wedding.

What you have to bring to this first complementary consultation is what you envision for the ambiance, the period (even a wide one), the estimate number of guests you plan to welcome and a rough budget we will work on. It is that simple!

Then, I will personally get back to you to present a calculated overview, with a clear vision of the aestheticism and tastes of your destination wedding. You don’t need to worry any more > We can officially move forward together!

Hope that helps and guide better on what will happen once working together.

#BestPartnersinCrime #Ever

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What comes first ?

Once we spent time together in our official first steps together, that you confirmed the project and sign the agreement, it is now time to:

#1 | Scout for the venue.

This is THE thing to do first! I will send you a selection of venue that could fit your expectations. With photos and/or videos, factsheets with all my informations and personal notes on this venue you will easily have an insight of what you could select yourself. Then you’ll come to visit. I will organise your trip in the area with a specific planning.

#2 | Youhooo.. it’s now time to send invites.

Let’s work on this! Timelines of all days are chosen. We’re all set then.

#3 | Then will follow …

the caterer, the photographer and music. Meetings and tastings are some of the greatest tasks of the planning process. – Approximately when we’re halfway the big-day, we will work on all specific decors.

#4 | Sounds great!

All majors items are done. Let’s focus on all last details to maximize comforts and stress free for everyone. From you to your last guests. During each of these steps, the budget board had been updated. From estimate to final costs, there is as less differences as possible.

Hope that helps and guide better on what will happen once working together.


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What's next with Covid?

Moving on planning a wedding during pandemic could be a tough decision. And we place each of our efforts to share a realistic communication with you.

All teamed up with partners, we’re 100% involved in everyone’s safety, while being able to still be at work on wedding projects, current and new ones, while following every governments guidelines and restrictions.

I personally guarantee flexibility in our contracts, as much as we work with very pro-friendly-flexible partners too..

Be confident.. this too shall pass ! And we’ll make it together

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