Between ourselves, what could be more exciting that to have your wedding-planner with you (at your home and on the spot), and to travel together for the organization of your Destination Wedding in Provence
Thus associate #perfectly your down times, your holidays, and your great habits all your #WeddingPlanning long!
destination wedding in Provence Chateau Estoublon

… the dream destination wedding in Provence location to welcome your memorable wedding. No matter the reasons you are tied to this destination, you already know it could never happen somewhere else. Let’s go! We will envision the perfect venue, with the best scheduling to seize your wedding-day. Far from your daily life! 

Wedding photography by Manuel Meszarovits

…you have the best destination wedding experience for you and your guests. Entrust the well-being and the attention to grant to your beloved guests. You choose to live differently your wedding. And you want your family and your dearest friends to live this enhanced wedding experience. Be sure you can fly away with your closest families and friends.

Destination wedding in Provence by Muriel Saldalamacchia, provence wedding planner
Live it

… Keep your precious time and week-ends to live your down-times. You work a lot during the week, and planning your destination wedding in Provence must not hassle your energy and leisures. Live the fabulous experience of planning your destination wedding with no compromise at all on your break or holidays. Just Live it!

Values & Commitments

a real human-being

  • No Shortcuts.
    Always make it new & different.

    My motto is unalterable: no shortcuts.

    Even if I am a destination wedding planner for years now with a lot of anedoctes and expertise,

    I make a point of starting new for each project, for each story.


    Great methods, with no habits.

    That’s my secret!

  • Destination wedding expertise
    Methods & trends.

    « Destination Weddings are what I am about« . 

    For years, I built methods to enhance your destination wedding experience.No matter where you want to go, I will make it happen.

    Inspired by travel trends and fashion, I am also supported by the Association for Wedding Professionals International.

    Expertise and worldwide connections.

  • Elegance & Style
    Tailored-made wedding

    Elegance should be everywhere. Some may call it beauty, some may call it sumptuous.

    I simply call it elegance.

    It’s nothing about strict. Quite the contrary.


    Your style is one of the most important spirit of your wedding.

    Let’s combine Style & Elegance.

  • Memorable Experience
    Enhance your wedding experience!

    A successful wedding can only happen when:

    You had more then you expected when we started our great adventure!

    Your guests felt comfortable and thought this wedding was perfectly you!

    The professional team had also a great adventure with both of you and your guests.

    This is the absolute memorable experience to live together.

  • Fun loving
    Smiles make everything easier.

    Because smiling is a way of being, I am clearly convinced with a smile, we can go further.

    Because being fun-loving is a state of mind.

    With a smile you obtain things you’re dreaming of, like a child can do when asking for a candy.

    With fun, your day is going better. You give peace and tranquility to everyone around you.

    Let’s smile and have fun together!

  • Privacy
    Make our agreements private & intimate.

    Each of the couples I accompany is the most important one for me. 


    So, I make a point of keeping intimate who they are, the money they spend  or anything else in relation with their privacy


    I am your destination wedding planner.

Collect moments, not things.


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