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When it comes to install a flawless communication with your guests,, then comes the idea of “I need my own wedding website”, then few seconds later “what to have in our wedding website” ? 

With years, I covered a lot of different styles, and I can proudly say that now, I have the perfect list of infos you need to know before I could create your wedding website. 

#1 | Wedding Website: what sections
  • Your wedding date – Home Page with major infos
  • How you met
  • The proposal story
  • Your bridal engagement photoshoot
  • The ceremony and reception location
  • List of the Wedding Party (+ short bios + photos)
  • Timeline of the day
  • Travel informations & accommodations
  • Nearby Airports and airlines + rental cars + nearby hotels
  • Registry links
  • Dress code
  • Questions to our wedding planner (it helps your sanity and put some more in my plate instead of yours)
  • What to do in the area around the wedding
  • Email dedicated to the wedding (make sure you created one!)
  • Online RSVP’s (possible if you use a ready-to-use platform like The Knot, Zankyou…)
#2 | Wedding Website: what platform to use?

Unless you have strong knowledge in WordPress like I have (ha!) I recommend 100% to use a ready-to-use platform to create your wedding website. 

They offer so many automations, it really helps the flow of informations. 

The one I love most :

The International ones

  • Appy Couple. It’s one the most interactive platform that I know since ages. I also love the fact they have an app, and that really helps your guests to keep al of your wedding infos in their pocket (thru’ their smartphone). Roughly $50 a year. Worth every pennies. Also available in a free version. 
  • The Knot: I really like the knot as it’s one of the most stable platform that I ever worked on. More classic, they provide a lot of functions to make your wedding website utterly efficient and lovely. 
  • Wedding Wire :  Another  mastodon of the wedding sphere. Wedding wire is that powerful that you can have your registry with your same account. 

The French ones:

  • Zankyou : la plateformes leader en France. Facile d’utilisation, il n’y a pas non plus énormément de flexibilité. Mais c’est propre et stable. Entendez par “stable” le fait que c’est compatible avec tous les types de plateformes, les versions de mobiles. Très facile! 
  • Petit Mariage entre amis: une version assez moderne de la création de site web de mariage. Ils appellent cela d’ailleurs un “blog” et non un site web. Plus léger peut-être sur le long terme.

Tip: J’ai toujours préféré utiliser les plateformes internationales, même pour un site en Français. Plus intuitif et moderne.

©All Season Photos
©Tonje & Shaunak Wedding Website created on AppyCouple
©Tonje & Shaunak Wedding Website created on AppyCouple
©Tonje & Shaunak Wedding Website created on AppyCouple
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