Awe-destination wedding in French Riviera at Chateau Diter

3 days of wedding = 4 wedding receptions + 1 symbolic ceremony

Number of guests : 95

Wedding Venue : Chateau Diter, in Grasse | French Riviera

Ambiance : Festive and Belle-Epoque | Black-tie wedding.

9 months of planning.

14 professionals selected and gathered for this destination wedding in in French Riviera

Photographer : Jeremy Ferrero

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Embark on this Celebrity wedding Capri with our very selected reportage.

When we’ve been asked to plan this very special wedding in few months, we knew from the very first second the four days wedding would be as challenging as exciting!

From Saluzi Yacht, to Da Paolino (Lemon Trees Restaurant), il Capri Palace and Il Riccio, we worked with our very beloved team, tutti Caprese!

Photo Credits : Justin Lin – Muriel Saldalamacchia and various.

Glamorous Wedding of Shauna &. Darragh’s Lenihan, in Marbella | Spain.

2 days of wedding = 2 wedding receptions + 1 ceremony

Number of guests : 176

Wedding Venues : Villa Padierna Palace, in Marbella | Spain

Ambiance : Ultra Festive, all white!

11 months of planning.

20 professionals selected and gathered for this destination wedding in Marbella

Photographer : Nora M Photography

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fine-tune wedding guest list

Are you keen on this lovely and very meaningful adage: Less is More? Ha!

Nothing can come together when speaking about your several guest-list, isn’t it? You have your A guest-list : closest family and friends that you can’t help avoiding. Any of them. And… each of you (two families, some friends in common, but some work ones too… fine-tune wedding guest list

Do I have to spell it out? It is NOT SIMPLE AT ALL! fine-tune wedding guest list

Hey! But I’m here to help! Follow some of my best advices gathered with former brides I accompanied to their destination wedding. fine-tune wedding guest list

fine-tune wedding guest list
fine-tune wedding guest list


Write down an A-list and a B-List

This first tip is easy – I mean, it has to be 🙂

Put names in your A-List of people you could not imagine a second not having with you to celebrate! Closest friend? Old grand-ma? Who cares except you!

A-List: unmistakable peron you love above all.

Put names in your B-list  of people you would love to spend time with but maybe not enough space or budget to invite.

B-List: people you love but you can’t afford to invite at first raw.

Invite only actual families and friends

When you think about people that surrounds you, you will easily get who is in your daily life or not.

Please, do not invite this cousin you’ve never seen for a decade, nor your mum’s best friend that is now living so far from you that you wouldn’t be able to recognise her!

Invite your current beloved ones! You will not -never- regret it!

Think fair: you’re two to invite!

It is normally fair to invite as many guests from each side of families.

But sometimes, it is not that easy. Do not hesitate to ask your both parents to build their guest-list and how far they are ready to participate to the final bill.

When from the US, traditions drive the parents of the bride to pay for the wedding  while the parent’s groom pay for the welcome party.

In any case, try to keep the fairest percentage of guests, from each side, and no one would be able to complain after all.

Kids-free or Kids-Welcome?

Ha! The big question, isn’t it?

Adults-only weddings are super trendy, mostly in destination weddings. And even if I am a mum, I may admit that it is not weird to have only adults at your wedding.

If your families and friends have a lot of kiddos, it will be hard to ask them to leave kids at home.

Bear in mind that it could be also a great opportunity for them to travel easily and celebrate and party up to the sunset with you.

To make it easy for you to fix the barrier: when you send invitations, as for the kids in the above paragraph, write down exact names of person you invite on the envelop + on the RSVP. When you write “Family Thompson” or “with children” All normal person will understand that you’re having a kids-welcome wedding. This is etiquette!

Shhht… don’t pay attention to these super cuties right under. They are not here to influence you! I promise!

How about the Plus-Ones?

Oh Lord! Please!! Be strict with this. As a wedding-planner, last minute plus-ones are a nightmare – sorry to say it – officially!

Why would you welcome someone you strictly don’t know, nor ever met. Plus ones, when they are official, invite them.

To make it easy for you to fix the barrier: when you send invitations, as for the kids in the above paragraph, write down exact names of person you invite on the envelop + on the RSVP. All normal person will understand. This is etiquette!

Be honest on who can travel!

When you are preparing your A-List and your B-List, be honest and put yourself in your guests shoes. You are living in the US and you plan your destination wedding in Lake Como => not everyone will be able to afford such a travel and some days of accommodations on site.

Photos credits : Garderes & Dohmen | Vanessa Colin aka Photo de | Cécile Creiche | Laurent Brouzet | Remi Dupac | Manuel Meszarovits | Felicia Sisco | Fanny Tiara

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When recently engaged, (and sometimes clearly months before, ha!) you already-always-ever know one thing: your dream wedding vision!

You had been invited so so many time to weddings,  you had been a perfect bridesmaids, or, you simply has such a perfect taste and you are renown for this in your field of friends, you have the vision.

The do’s | The don’ts

You have your vision listed and clearly identified. You have the painting in front of you, now just share it and make it concrete. dream wedding

This is exactly what happened to the very-tasteful brides I had been lucky enough to help on the planning and styling process for their wedding abroad.

And I am proud to say we did it perfectly! Design is everything in a wedding. Design creates atmosphere. And whatever your visant is organic or posh, elegance is the common thread of your vision, our vision. dream wedding

Sophie wanted a very elegant and welcoming atmosphere for her three-days-wedding. We have succeeded.

Jackie wanted to convey happiness to each of her guests from the first day they arrived until the last minute they took off back to California.. We have succeeded. dream wedding

Frederique asked for an offbeat wedding abroad as she was tired of boring weddings she had been invited for; she had in mind it was difficult to entertain guests during 3 days. We have succeeded. dream wedding

Maria had a clear vision for a black-tie wedding that would have put all her guests on the verge of total happiness, all the four days of wedding reception long. We have succeeded. dream wedding

Alexandria wanted to create the most perfect organic ambiance. We all remember Kate Moss’s wedding, correct? Now, there’s Alexandria’s wedding as a scale! We have succeeded. dream wedding

Being that said, we are proud to immerge you in this 60 seconds (no more!) film that will show you those bride’s weddings abroad. Will you be able to recognise which wedding belongs to each bride? dream wedding

dream wedding

Thank you to Studio 80 for this film’s florilège

Thank you Claude Costa from The Botticelli’s for the music.

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provence wedding manoir

Secret and bucolic, dream your romantic getaway in Provence: your wedding abroad in a typical French Manoir!

In a haven of greenness stands Le Manoir, a magnificent and romantic building of elegant charm. provence wedding manoir

This 18th Century house, full of the charm of bygone days and protected by an ancient plane tree (300 years old – can you believe it!), stands in the heart of luxuriant vegetation. Le Manoir is surrounded by French-style gardens, small ponts and a swimming pool with traditional dressed stone.

In this elegant atmosphere, lulled by the sound of trickling water, this venue welcomes you to a refreshing stay far from prying eyes. provence wedding manoir

The 13 guest rooms are regularly redecorated and refurbished by the owner, who definitely has a cute decorative sense. With this 13 rooms, you can welcome up to 30 guests total. Knowing that I would recommend to stay within 26 guests to sleep to have the whole luxury benefit of Le Manoir.

That respects both the history and spirit of Le manoir’s area, combining authenticity, and modernity. provence wedding manoir

This spring 2018, the new 75 sqm Prestige bedroom is inaugurated. Created by uniting two bedrooms, this vast luminous space, with superb windows overlooking the gardens and the Village of Les Baux de Provence, blends modern comfort and the charm of bygone days.

How I would recommend to use spaces for an intimate destination wedding at Le Manoir in Les Baux de Provence? provence wedding manoir

#1 | Choose to plan it in May, June, September, October. Peak season, Le Manoir is not open to wedding reservation.

#2 | Organise the welcome-drinks at la Cabro d’Or, on of the restaurant of the Baumanière property. With its beautiful gardens and tall trees, you will enchant your guests, since the very first second. Jeremy, the head waiter will guarantee the best welcome and service ever!

#3 | Enjoy your breakfast in the courtyard facing Le Manoir. There’s nothing more Provence than having your lazy-breakfast under the 300-years-old-Plane tree. provence wedding manoir

#4 | Getting reading on site guarantee also that you won’t stress at all. No need to run anywhere: just enjoy this secluded place, nestled in Les Alpilles.

#5 | Enjoy your wedding reception. From ceremony to Party, you have many luxury location in the area where to break the rules while having a very elegant and classical destination wedding.

#6 | Organise the Brunch around the pool. The owners just refurbished the area, and the pool area has now it’s own Bar. Perfect for a very fun brunch, with sounds of cicadas.

#7 | For everything else and other ideas – trust me Le Manoir and its area is bar none! Very inspiring and many options can be created, ask your destination wedding planner (the one I am, ha!) provence wedding manoir

provence wedding manoir
©L.Parrault Photography

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Wedding cakes! Your wedding cakes will be the cornerstone of your whole ambiance and scenery. You always dream about it, and you know you can spend hours on Pinterest to pin lavish, sumptuous, or simple gorgeous wedding cakes.

As you grew up knowing that you were special, and you always had interest in wedding cakes, so you know your wedding-cake has to be special too. How to make yours special ?

How about cake designers ?

Cake designers are creative and with your wedding-planner, you will do perfection. How to, right now, through the work of Catherine Pierard, French cake-designer at Made in cake 
Catherine is the go-to girl when speaking of wedding-cakes! She’s talented, but more than that she is a real foodie. She decided to change her carrier and turned into a cake-designer’s life. Here what she is able to create. Always tailored-made.

Master the flavours for wedding cakes

Creating your wedding-cake is a great opportunity to create your perfect combo of flavours and colours.
A wedding cake is a combination of sponge, cream and sometimes ganache. Below some of the most famous flavours praised by brides-and-grooms-to-be.

Sponge: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Almond, Hazelnut, Praline, Pistachio, Coconut, Red, Velvet, Carrot.

Cream:Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango, Exotic Fruits, Passion Fruit, Coffee, Caramel, Cream Cheese.

Ganache: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate.

Fresh flowers vs sugar flowers for wedding cakes

From my perspective, and it is based on my wedding-planner’s experience with couples, the choice is very, very very personal. Sugar is not fundamentally better than fresh flowers. It is only a fact of taste and wish of styling. Whatever you choose the results will only be visual.

If you plan an organic destination wedding : bet on fresh flowers, fresh fruits, fresh leaves. You will have to face sanitarian issues but your professional cake designer will face it, very easily. Not all flowers can be in contact with the sugar paste of your gorgeous wedding-cake. Lastly, fresh components are cheaper than sugar ones.

If you plan an elegant and/or preppy destination wedding, you should better bet with some sugar decor.
Bear in mind that some cake designers are not trained to do beautiful sugar flowers. So be sure the professional you choose will manage this kind of design if you are in love with sugar flowers. If not, please ask for some fresh flowers and please, please, please : do not do anything plastic.

One last thing never never never mix fresh and sugar flowers it’s a faute-de-goût,  definitely!

Make it yours and unique

Pinterest is fantastic. I know.
But I also believe Pinterest is a creative killer. OMG – did I really write this? Yes, I did.
9 times out of 10 – not to say 10 – lovely brides-to-be arrive with Pinterest’s screenshot on their iPhone and tell me – or Catherine : “I want this one”.

We can say: sure!
We should say: really?
We are saying : ok, let’s do this.

But I really think it’s a mistake. Let us be creative! You are special, right? Don’t get any copy of anything. Inspiration is hard. It’s hard not to copy. And to make it yours, just be creative. Combine your ideas. Hey! Rule your fiancé! Brainstorm about the wedding cake. How many layers? Does it have to be in the theme of your wedding? Is the wedding-cake a masterpiece your guests have to admire all reception long?

Let’s draw your ideal wedding-cake. Just envisage the tastes you want to eat. Now envisage the design, and then finish with ornements. Escape from Pinterest, and work closer your wedding-planner and cake-designer: I can already hear your wedding-cake thank you for your determination to create it in an unique way.

Please have a glimpse at our portfolio to discover how wedding cakes are important to your destination wedding.

Ask the expert for wedding cakes

Are you still hesitating between a wedding-cake and a pastry gourmandises buffet ? Catherine strongly believe in the wow effect of your special wedding-cake.

“Do you really think desserts as mignardises for example, even served in the most beautiful dessert plate ever, can impact the wow effect a wedding cake can create? Bear in mind you hire a fantastic photographer, a virtuose videographer: such a shame if they don’t have anything to capture for “Cut-the-cake” moment, isn’t it?”

Thank you Catherine for your shares. Thank you all photographers credited in this yummy post! #Blessed

Wedding cakes are life!

wedding cakes
©Remi Dupac

Provence destination : Dreaming about a destination wedding in Provence is always a great and awesome perspective. 

Lavender fields, rustic but elegant venues you can privatise for your one-life time wedding, olive groves, sun… 

Already a lot of expectations you might say.

But far from blogs or magazines’ cliché, take time to read in few minutes, these following 7 points to discover and know if you really are ready for this overwhelmed experience.

Be open-minded

To my prospective, this is the most important point if you want to keep cool without turning into bridezilla while the planning process is moving forward.

To choose a destination wedding provence means a lot of compromises.

Why? First, because you’re far from your daily life, and you can not expect the exact same things as the one you expect around your corner in the city.

Provence gets luxury gems to welcome you. Provence gets cuisine culture. Provence gets wine culture. Provence gets aesthetic signature.

And for all of these things, you will have to be open-minded to welcome all of these strong provencal culture components.

You have an idea of what Provence is. Just keep this childhood mind: be ready to learn and discover.

If you are all comfortable with this first point « Be open-minded », congrats, just step the second level of this article.

Be cool with time-zone difference

From now on, you know you are open-minded and ready to make some compromises to host and prepare your destination wedding in Provence.

And how about this question: what are your significant reasons to plan your destination wedding in Provence? I know the heart has its own reason which reason does not know, as Pascal said, and vice versa.

So true! Provence destination

Do not try to gather all Pinterest’s photos to put all in one. This will never happen. And you’ll be disappointed. And frustrated. Your dream wedding deserve much better than this, isn’t it?

So if you love everything about Provence, its culture, its cuisine, its climate and its native Provençal, make a run for it!

Be patient!

When planning a destination wedding, I advise you to have in mind that – sometimes – you could under-estimate the value of timezone difference.

Personally, I love when « things » are moving forward very fast. And when I have something in my mind, and go to sleep with it, I love to discover news by e-mail or texts on my iPhone© when I wake up.

This is why you have to make sure that you are able to follow your wedding-team’s office hours.

If you answered « YES » to this third point, we can continue to the next stop, which is more or less in the same vein… Provence destination

No need to have a destination wedding in Provence to be patient.

A wedding, destination speaking or not, deserves time and details.

You have [HAVE] to be patient. What does this mean? You can ask for a clear vision of your wedding, and you need to have access to an online planning, available 24/7.

You are time-obsessed? Be sure your wedding-planner is at least as obsessed as you are. Your wedding-team is professional, and time is money.

But, rules for a fantastic relationship take time. And time. And time again. Be patient.

Savor the planning process. Thanks the hard work of professionals in the world wide destination wedding industry,  couples are now looking for a memorable planning process experience. You are not looking for a simple book and planning to follow strictly. Nope. You are looking for a W.H.O.L.E. overwhelmed experience. From the first seconds of your relationship with the wedding-planner.

Be patient. You will enjoy even more.


Travel will be needed

The ideal plan to enhance your destination wedding experience in Provence is to come one or two times prior the wedding.

I dare to say it would be absolutely crazy not to travel to control your wedding, thousands of miles away from your living-room.

> The first travel has to be dedicated to scouting for the selected wedding venues with your wedding-planner and can last only 2 or 3 days. So ideal for a short travel which will not disrupt you from your business agenda.

> The second travel has to be dedicated to meet suppliers with your wedding-planner as well as the caterer (be sure to make and enjoy a tasting), the venue’s butler with the decorator (to make sure you will choose the good set-up), musicians, the beauty-team (make trials). I usually recommend to have 5 days dedicated to your wedding.

In addition to these two points, I am clearly convinced it is another opportunity to spend time together and build your relationship. To my prospective, the planning experience would require a healthy and transparent communication.  This is why I spend time with my clients in NYC, where they live and in Provence, when they come to manage the wedding with my team and I.


Love the difference of culture

In the second section above, you had the opportunity to gather every points that make you crazy in love with Provence.

For this sixth point, follow the guide and be inspired!

Ask for the things to be different from your daily life. Ask for what make Provence so important for you.

And finally be convinced it is the best location on earth to create your destination wedding. Embrace the culture the natives can offer to you.

And you will have – for sure – the best destination wedding in Provence experience, ever!

Choose passionate professionals

Seventh and last point to conclude with this so important topic.

Your destination wedding expert (your wedding planner) > be sure she/he will be the most passionate person you have ever met before.

Being proud of one’s job is important. Being proud of the location where she/he is settled is almost as important.

Be sure to hire only passionate provencal wedding suppliers thanks your wedding planner. If they want to welcome you each time and offer to gift you with the best things the area has to offer, you can bet all fortune your destination wedding in Provence will be as unique as you are.