also know as ST. Barts

Location informations

St Barthelemy Island, St. Barts for the connoisseurs, is located in the Caribbean, more specifically in the French West Indies.  

St Barts is a French Island near St Martin, and on same latitudes as British Virgin Islands & American British Virgin Islands. 

Classic arrival is possible via St Martin’s Airport, the nearest island. This Airport is ont the French side of the St Martin Island. 

Then, a boat sail is necessary to reach St Barts, or by Helicopter or small private plane. 

We easily manage the best journey you expect for you and your guests.

How to describe such an iconic Island while not being to restrictive. 

St Barts is surrounded by a lush vegetation and turquoise to deep blue sea. 

The way St Barts has a controlled access, life on the Island is calm, joyful, pleasant with a glimpse of very exclusive feeling. 

St. Barts is perfect for a wedding you’re expecting to be exclusive, not-yet-seen in the magazines.

To marry in St. Barts, according to the Law of May 27, 2009, non-residents who want to be married in St. Barts no longer have an obligation to live in the island at least one month prior to marriage. Couples wishing to be married on the island must send an application addressed to the mayor of their chosen community. This application must arrive at least 45 days prior to the desired wedding date.

The application must include the following documents:

1. A letter signed and dated by the engaged couple, making application to be married within the provisions of article 58 of the Law No. 2009-594 of May, 27, 2009 with the specific date of the proposed marriage included.

2. Legal copies of birth certificates of both applicants.

3. Proof of identity of both applicants via copy of valid passports.

4. Full names, birthdates, birthplaces, addresses and professions of the parents of both applicants.

5. Full names, birthdates, birthplaces, addresses and professions of the witnesses to the proposed marriage.

For more details and specifics, please contact the island’s tourist office well in advance of the planned event.

Often, couples choose to be legally married elsewhere before following up with an unofficial wedding ceremony, reception and/or celebration in St. Barts.

St Barth has a tropical climate.
– Temperatures average 25-32°C
– Sea temperatures average 27°C.
The cooler season runs from December to April.
The hotter season runs from May to November.
Rainy season runs from September to November.
Hurricane / Storms season starts at the end of August running though until October.
Then, according to some of our islander partners, October- November 2021 are the preferred months for weddings in St Barths since the weather is perfect and the island is not too crowded yet.

From intimate wedding up to 120 guests, it mostly depend on where you dream your wedding to happen. In a private Villa, in a very classy and sophisticated Hotel…

We can arrange and create many different stories for your wedding celebration there. 

Updated March 19th: The local St. Barth government has worked diligently in negotiating with France in the hopes the island may be exempt from these travel restrictions measures.  We are led to believe an update will be provided the week of March 22, 2021 and remain hopeful it will establish a re-opening date soon thereafter.

Under this order travel to France and its overseas territories is currently limited to those with “compelling reasons” (Medical, Professional and Family).

Locally in St. Barth, life is normal. Restaurants, boutiques, and businesses are open. The beaches are available for all to enjoy. For this reason, we are hopeful these measures will be temporary.

All informations updated  from the CDC website 

Why i love this destination

St Barts. is a French local gem amongst a multicultural environment.

Its luxuriant landscapes, brightness and incredible colors confrontations, make the whole Island the ideal place for a very creative experience. 

I also love the destination as the local standards are one of the refined ones over the globe. Working  there is then possible, while not missing any piece of excellence in services. 

Why you should choose this destination

You will love the sophisticated ambiance we will create there together.

It is an easy place where to travel from the US with your guests. 

We will twist the classical weddings they have had on the island before they welcomed us. They might not be totally ready for what we will bring them with our vision, but for sure, they will be very excited to have been lucky enough we made it on their ground. 

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