CHÂTEAU DITER French Riviera

Location informations

Area :

Château Diter is located in Grasse, one of the most famous and picturesque village on the hills of Cannes, French Riviera – France

Nice Airport is the nearest Airport, only 40 minutes of drive.

This huge property has no comparison. Like a tuscan palazzo, Chateau Diter is perfect for an extravagant wedding while looking for a secret gem that not everyone can afford.

Ideal for weddings and celebrations from 80 guests to 200 guests.

Why i love this place

I’m in love with Chateau Diter as every corner, every stones had been chosen on purpose by the owners. 

Passionate with art and culture, I am beyond impressed by the style of the property.

There’s also a unique feeling when on site : quiet, luxurious and yet obviously simple. 

Those last three words best describe Chateau Diter, fantastic Chateau on Côte d’Azur ! 

Why you should choose it

If you’re expecting a unique celebration, while being nestled in the middle of French countryside, Chateau Diter is the place to choose for your wedding. 

With its 18 rooms, you can easily accommodate your bridal party, during one night, two nights and more. 

Spectacular view, manicured gardens and ah-mazing indoors : Chateau Diter in Côte d’Azur has it all!


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