Location informations

Area :

On top of the medieval village of Ravello, and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this family Property dating of XII° Century is absolutely unique. The area is very exclusive and only the bravest will be allowed to push the doors.

The nearest Airport is Naples.

After a 55 minutes drive to Ravello, you’ll immediately forget the flights you had. 

Greeneries, romance and blue see having the blue sky diving into it. 

Definitely the location for a romantic celebration while being very impressive.

They can fit more, but I recommend a 120 guests group to enjoy the whole spaces at their best. 

Why i love this place

I rarely have the chance to live wow moments that intensely during a first visit, and trust me, I did quite a few.  

I love this property is managed but the same owners family since centuries. 

While having remarkable gardens, an unbelievable cloister and a Michelin Starred Chef, you will feel at ease in every corner. 

Your home, for your event !

Why you should choose it

If you’re expecting your wedding to be without any comparison while having your beloved guests around  your, Villa Cimbrone is the one to choose.

So many different areas,  you could expect to have one scenery / event. 

Ravello is so renowned, each of your guests will be comfortably settled in hotels within a walking distance.

Below my own photos when staying there.


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