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Location informations

Located on the North-Western shore of Capri Island, Il Riccio is elegantly nestled on the cliffs.

Overlooking the sea, and having its own parking lot, this place is easy to go to from grounds. 

International Airport is located in Naples. 

Once landed, you’ll head to Naples port and embark for a magic sail of 45 minutes ahead to Capri, Marina Grande. 

Local ferries or private boat. We can help on every topics. 

Il Riccio is the Michelin Star Restaurant of CAPRI PALACE. 

Besides this very exclusive address, there are 59 Hotels listed in Capri. 

Countless Residences, B&B.

I would recommend the place for a maximum of 120 guests.


Curfew here is 2am, related to local restrictions.

Capri style at its best. 

Mid path to a very slated beach club, to an etiquette Michelin Star Chef Restaurant, you can add your own style to the place. From sophisticated to organic, from extravagant to intimate.

Why i love this place

From food, to views, to heaven feeling to precision in service.. I love everything at Il Riccio. 

The cliffside restaurant overlooking the Blue Grotto is a treasure trove of flavors for connoisseurs of seafood. Under a thatch roof the smart beach club atmosphere provides panoramic views and features azure blue tables, a series of sun decks with white cabanas and a stone staircase leading down to the sea.

Why you should choose it

You definitely will love the unique vibes this place is offering. While being overlooking the sea, the feeling of being secluded in a famous island like Capri is, is absolutely rare and great to appreciate.


If you’re looking for a genuine Italian and caprese experience, Il Riccio and its team will meet your expectations. 

You could celebrate in different levels of the “property”, while having hotels nearby with private cabs service for your comfort.

Are you really still hesitating? 

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