Choosing your wedding venues in Lake Como for your wedding!

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Muriel Saldalamacchia
Muriel Saldalamacchia

For more than 10 years in the destination wedding business, travelling the world for weddings, Muriel is France based, but has also rocked in Italy few years ago.

Are you ready to make your dream choice? We yet have everything here for you.

Wedding venues in Lake Como? Let’s focus on this today.


You always knew you wanted to marry abroad. Your soulmate popped the question, and it’s now official-time to envision and decide where to celebrate your dream destination wedding.

With so many possibilities and so many stunning areas around Lake Como, it might seem a little bit tricky to choose your wedding location. And even if you will pick the one who will meet with your expectations, I also know you will have in mind you will want your guests to be able to say “ok! It was worth to spend so much money to come and join their wedding. It is absolutely beyond words. It’s sublime.” wedding venues in Lake Como

I know we are not always very comfortable when it’s time to speak about money, but that drives and rules the choices and beings. But just facing it means you take care of your guests. Congratulations: you’re on your way to being awarded “best-caring-bride-to-be”. I will truly honour you for the months and years to come! wedding venues in Lake Como

Here are some tips to help and guide you. These are the ones I use when I start to think about the most perfect venue for my venues in Lake Como

#1 | Scenery and Ambiance

What is your ideal backdrop for each hit-moment of your big day ? View on the Lake? Ha! I am quite not surprise this is one of your expectations and I don’t blame you -at all. Whatever it is for your outdoor ceremony or for your cocktail or wedding dinner, be sure to be able to offer one of the most spectacular view on a Lake ever. Some very fab and celeb’ venues can host  indoor receptions. With their historic buildings, you will awe your guests. Others are splendid hotels with outdoor capacities. Having your ballroom inside will give you a chance to party very late. From black tie wedding to laid back wedding, it’s up to your choice. You have luxury historic buildings, but you can also choose a fishermen house with a real beach to celebrate in style. wedding venues in Lake Como

©Felicia Sisco
©Felicia Sisco

#2 | Budget (still, I know!)

While figuring out the general budget, what is the amount you will / you want / you are ready to pay for the venue? 

Take care about all logistics the wedding location in Lake Como requires. Do they work with an exclusive list of suppliers ? How to access the Villa / the property. What are all the hidden costs like plan B, like extra loos to rent, or extra charge for late curfew… 

wedding location in lake como mainCol_Villa_Hp_01
Villa Sola Cabiati

#3 | Choose the venue that looks like your summer residence.

You have to choose a wedding venue that could looks like your summer residence. 

Sometimes, some of my clients want to buy some of the venues we are scouting. Hey! We can’t be sidetracked by any estate interests. After the wedding.. Not before! We have a plan to follow ^^ All joking aside, when choosing your wedding location in Lake Como, put your interests first. If you plan to party ALL night long, just choose the venue that will allow you extended hours at very late night (don’t dream, it’s not early morning!) But 4 -5 am is already a good target, isn’t it? If the idea is to welcome your nearest friends and families, don’t over sized the venue. When it’s too big, you will pay a lot of efforts to keep it warm and cosy. 

But in contrast, if you’re planning to invite more than 200 guests, focus on all options the wedding venue has to offer.

Villa Balbiano Muriel Saldalamacchia Lake Como29
Grand Hotel Tremezzo wedding Lake Como Muriel Saldalamacchia
©Photo courtesy of Grand Hotel Tremezzo
wedding location in Lake Como 35 - T Pizza (2)

#5 | Near or far > Religious ceremony clarifications.

There’s a myth around religious weddings in Lake Como. Churches and beautiful chapels in Lake Como are registered in two separate parishes. Como’s Parish rules most of the churches and chapels around the Lake. In order to regulate the huge amount of weddings occurring each year, they have strict rules: only residents can celebrate a religious wedding in one of their splendid churches. If you had in mind to invest in real estate around the Lake it could be the good moment ^^ Milan’s Parish is not giving access to foreign couples anymore  Opt-in for a symbolic or spiritual ceremony.

Finally.. you have the tools! Ask the experts to help and guide you in case you decide to enjoy the planning process as much as you plan to enjoy your big day.

Villa Sola Cabiati wedding venue lake como
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