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I know! Destination weddings are the best way to celebrate your love, and let’s face it : they are the best weddings, ever lavish expenses!


When time comes to set up your wedding budget, consider these tremendous lavish expenses that will enhance your destination wedding, ever! (did you notice that i have this specific linguistic tic ? “ever” – this is when I really really really insist – sorry for this! ^^)

And even when some couples say “hum.. we don’t have any maximum to spend”. My answer is always.. Nah!! Even Beyoncé is working on her budget when she has to invest in a lifetime experience! So please…

Here a short list of what you really have to consider to have your destination wedding experience to the next level of memories and happiness.

#1 | Plan a welcome party

your guests travelled to come and to party with you. How lovely it is to plan a very welcoming moment for and with them, isn’t it? Then, once you are familiar with the idea, you can imagine to plan a very casual dinner, with some music in the background (lounge or chill-out style are preferred). Cherry on the top: do it in a different location where your wedding will take place. Keep it secret until the last moment. And if onsite, ask your wedding-planner to organise a complete transformation to wow the guests on your Big day!

#2 | Don’t skip the welcome bags!

You nailed it! You are the most thoughtful bride your friends will ever have!

Keep local treasures in mind to place in a beautiful basket. How about organising a French “en-cas” when planning your destination wedding in South of France: Here, in this wicker basket, we had some french cheese + bottle of Rosé + French crispy baguette + Fleur de sel + local olive oil and a butter-knife. And to ornate it at perfection, we add a generous armful of Lavender!

We asked the hotels to provide the Wine-glasses and to keep fresh the bottle of Rosé until the last minute. Before the guests checked-in!

Final touch: prepare a hand-writting welcome letter and indulge yourself!

#3 | Hire a videographer!

All wedding-planners will tell you: void this line of budget is purely a big-big-mistake.

Photos are bar to none! Add the video and your memories will last for ever!

Bonus tip: choose a videographer whose style fits the photographer’s one.

#4 | Be ready to arrive days before your friends!

This is your selfish moment. And don’t think anyone will blame you for it.

Take time to scout around, to meet with the vendors your destination-wedding and you booked months before!

Then, take time to get your habits there. The idea is that you could feel like a real local, insider!

#5 | Cover the costs for some of your guests.

You chose a far-far-away destination, and you know some of your siblings won’t be able to pay for the trip.  Flights or lodging, or both!It’s a huge splurge, but having this lavish expenses will allow you to celebrate with the ones you love most! And.. in a way.. it is priceless!

#6 | Organize group activity.

How about a cooking class with your bridesmaids while guys are playing golf in the surroundings? Then finish day-of-wedding-activities with a delicious wine tasting.

Then right after the brunch, plan to escape with the ones you chose and organise group activities. Make fun with it. To prepare it in every details, ask you destination wedding planner to help you on this specific mission.

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