Wedding cakes! Your wedding cakes will be the cornerstone of your whole ambiance and scenery. You always dream about it, and you know you can spend hours on Pinterest to pin lavish, sumptuous, or simple gorgeous wedding cakes.

As you grew up knowing that you were special, and you always had interest in wedding cakes, so you know your wedding-cake has to be special too. How to make yours special ?

How about cake designers ?

Cake designers are creative and with your wedding-planner, you will do perfection. How to, right now, through the work of Catherine Pierard, French cake-designer at Made in cake 
Catherine is the go-to girl when speaking of wedding-cakes! She’s talented, but more than that she is a real foodie. She decided to change her carrier and turned into a cake-designer’s life. Here what she is able to create. Always tailored-made.

Master the flavours for wedding cakes

Creating your wedding-cake is a great opportunity to create your perfect combo of flavours and colours.
A wedding cake is a combination of sponge, cream and sometimes ganache. Below some of the most famous flavours praised by brides-and-grooms-to-be.

Sponge: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Almond, Hazelnut, Praline, Pistachio, Coconut, Red, Velvet, Carrot.

Cream:Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango, Exotic Fruits, Passion Fruit, Coffee, Caramel, Cream Cheese.

Ganache: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate.

Fresh flowers vs sugar flowers for wedding cakes

From my perspective, and it is based on my wedding-planner’s experience with couples, the choice is very, very very personal. Sugar is not fundamentally better than fresh flowers. It is only a fact of taste and wish of styling. Whatever you choose the results will only be visual.

If you plan an organic destination wedding : bet on fresh flowers, fresh fruits, fresh leaves. You will have to face sanitarian issues but your professional cake designer will face it, very easily. Not all flowers can be in contact with the sugar paste of your gorgeous wedding-cake. Lastly, fresh components are cheaper than sugar ones.

If you plan an elegant and/or preppy destination wedding, you should better bet with some sugar decor.
Bear in mind that some cake designers are not trained to do beautiful sugar flowers. So be sure the professional you choose will manage this kind of design if you are in love with sugar flowers. If not, please ask for some fresh flowers and please, please, please : do not do anything plastic.

One last thing never never never mix fresh and sugar flowers it’s a faute-de-goût,  definitely!

Make it yours and unique

Pinterest is fantastic. I know.
But I also believe Pinterest is a creative killer. OMG – did I really write this? Yes, I did.
9 times out of 10 – not to say 10 – lovely brides-to-be arrive with Pinterest’s screenshot on their iPhone and tell me – or Catherine : “I want this one”.

We can say: sure!
We should say: really?
We are saying : ok, let’s do this.

But I really think it’s a mistake. Let us be creative! You are special, right? Don’t get any copy of anything. Inspiration is hard. It’s hard not to copy. And to make it yours, just be creative. Combine your ideas. Hey! Rule your fiancé! Brainstorm about the wedding cake. How many layers? Does it have to be in the theme of your wedding? Is the wedding-cake a masterpiece your guests have to admire all reception long?

Let’s draw your ideal wedding-cake. Just envisage the tastes you want to eat. Now envisage the design, and then finish with ornements. Escape from Pinterest, and work closer your wedding-planner and cake-designer: I can already hear your wedding-cake thank you for your determination to create it in an unique way.

Please have a glimpse at our portfolio to discover how wedding cakes are important to your destination wedding.

Ask the expert for wedding cakes

Are you still hesitating between a wedding-cake and a pastry gourmandises buffet ? Catherine strongly believe in the wow effect of your special wedding-cake.

“Do you really think desserts as mignardises for example, even served in the most beautiful dessert plate ever, can impact the wow effect a wedding cake can create? Bear in mind you hire a fantastic photographer, a virtuose videographer: such a shame if they don’t have anything to capture for “Cut-the-cake” moment, isn’t it?”

Thank you Catherine for your shares. Thank you all photographers credited in this yummy post! #Blessed

Wedding cakes are life!

wedding cakes
©Remi Dupac