One call! Everything started with a phone call, that I was clearly not ready to have. Usually – at that time – brides don’t phone. They send email first.

But Sarah is different. She proudly assumes that she’s not geek-friendly, and that she hates – really hates, email’s communication.

« I wanted to hear your voice, and feel your voice! I rely on human relationships, and by phone was at least the most suitable way to connect with you ».

Now, you have the temperature ^_^

We decided to meet in Provence as they were in the area to celebrate a birthday. Xavier’s 30th A.

We met in a café, in late morning, and I immediately had a crush for them. Both!

He looked very relax and cool.

She looked more demanding.

I walked into a trap! Ha!

Xavier had been super involved during the whole planning process, as Sarah was super confident in anything we worked on.

8 months that ran so fast! The couple was very busy in lot of projects and I had to be very efficient for the few times we had together.

We were on the same page > and this is why the Destination Wedding in Corsica was purely successful!

How about the weather in April, in South of Corsica? No stress> we had a cocktail hour on the beach for the main day, with a super romantic sunset and its 27° C | 80° F

Photos by Felicia Sisco

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