Justine & Rafael | October, 2016


Justine & Rafa.

One day, an email received between Christmas and New Year’s Eve : « Hi, we are currently spending some holidays in Luberon, can we meet before we fly back to Costa Rica to discuss about our wedding to come? »

One phone call and one meeting later, we officially started our wedding-relationship.

The expectations? Clearly listed. The briefing was clear, the budget set up. We were ready to move forward on the planning process. One last thing to fix ? the dat for the marriage ^^.

It will be in October. Stastically speaking, October is fantastic in Luberon, Provence. And the story revealed we made a great choice with more than 25° C. (77°F.), it was a late-summer country side wedding.

To remember: it has been one the most challenging wedding to handle as the Spanish culture is a little unknown in this area of the country. We has to include the Groom’s cultural roots in any single details.

We did it. With a very patient team, only focused and dedicated to the bride and groom’s satisfaction, we all lived a fantastic wedding. A memorable one.

The kind of wedding we always be proud to be part of.

3 days of wedding = 3 receptions

E Viva España!


Number of guests : 84

Venue : Such a great opportunity > the wedding – the whole reception – took place in the Summer residence of the Bride’s family.

Ambiance : Definitely countryside, with a romantic touch without being too girly to fit the groom’s expectations for their marriage in Luberon.

Wedding Photographer : Laurent Brouzet

  • luberon destination wedding
  • Destination Wedding in Provence by Muriel Saldalamacchia Photo by Laurent Brouzet
  • luberon destination wedding
  • luberon destination wedding