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July 10, 2018

What’s your vision for a dream wedding?

Muriel Saldalamacchia

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Muriel Saldalamacchia

French destination wedding expert settled in Provence and NYC, Muriel Saldalamacchia is a destination wedding specialist, and plans exquisite destination weddings in South of France and Italy. Muriel has been author for several American printed magazines and online, an international speaker for destination wedding conference in the US, Middle East and Canada. Still operating with a maximum of 10 to 12 weddings per year, Muriel is enthusiast and passionate. She is always ready to handle with demanding couples with high expectations! Don’t think you are too picky, she will easily admit she’s at least as picky as you are.

dream wedding

When recently engaged, (and sometimes clearly months before, ha!) you already-always-ever know one thing: your dream wedding vision!


Why having a dream vision is important| Brides' Experience.

You had been invited so so many time to weddings,  you had been a perfect bridesmaids, or, you simply has such a perfect taste and you are renown for this in your field of friends, you have the vision. You have your vision listed and clearly identified. You have the painting in front of you, now just share it and make it concrete. This is exactly what happened to the very-tasteful brides I had been lucky enough to help on the planning and styling process for their wedding abroad. And I am proud to say we did it perfectly! Design is everything in a wedding. Design creates atmosphere. And whatever your visant is organic or posh, elegance is the common thread of your vision, our vision.

  • Sophie wanted a very elegant and welcoming atmosphere for her three-days-wedding. We have succeeded.
  • Jackie wanted to convey happiness to each of her guests from the first day they arrived until the last minute they took off back to California.. We have succeeded.
  • Frederique asked for an offbeat wedding abroad as she was tired of boring weddings she had been invited for; she had in mind it was difficult to entertain guests during 3 days. We have succeeded.
  • Maria had a clear vision for a black-tie wedding that would have put all her guests on the verge of total happiness, all the four days of wedding reception long. We have succeeded.
  • Alexandria wanted to create the most perfect organic ambiance. We all remember Kate Moss's wedding, correct? Now, there's Alexandria's wedding as a scale! We have succeeded.
  Being that said, we are proud to immerge you in this 60 seconds (no more!) film that will show you those bride's weddings abroad. Will you be able to recognise which wedding belongs to each bride?  


Thank you Notes

Thank you to Studio 80 for this film's florilège. Nothing would be possible at this scale without you guys <3. Thank you Claude Costa from The Botticelli's for the music. You truly help me to live my passion for music. XoXo

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