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February 3, 2017

Valentine’s Day: 10 tips to get him to propose

By Muriel - The International Wedding Planner

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Muriel Saldalamacchia

French destination wedding expert settled in Provence and NYC, Muriel Saldalamacchia is a destination wedding expert, and plans exquisite destination weddings in South of France and Italy. Muriel has been author for several American printed magazines and online, an international speaker for destination wedding conference in the US, Middle East and Canada. Still operating with a maximum of 12-15 weddings per year, Muriel is enthusiast and passionate. Muriel is always ready to handle with demanding couples with high expectations! Don’t think you are too picky, she will easily admit she’s at least as picky as you are.


My love, I can not wait for it any longer! #fun

Dealing with fun for a topic which means a lot for you: being proposed to by the man of your life for Valentine’s Day!

So, while counting the days to come to Valentine’s day, here are few ideas of what to wish and how to wait  for this memorable proposal to arrive.

Valentine’s Day: will he finally propose to me?

You thought that during last Christmas Holidays he would propose you. And you’re disappointed because he did not. And yet, see all the good signs of your proposal to come soon. Next year, you – sometimes – discuss about the weddings you attended to. He even smiled and said you will be the most beautiful bride ever, when you received the bridal bouquet. You also remember this out-night party you went together in Chelsea, to celebrate the engagement party of his best friend. Your man was so moved by the declaration Sam made to Ashley. His teardrops and tender smile were great signs. Yes! He is ready! Definitely.

Months went by… Valentine’s Day

But as you are crazy in love with him, you are now convinced he could prepare something for Valentine’s Day.


Do not organize anything on Valentine’s Day, and the following week-end.

If you want him to be creative, give him space and availability.


At your office, do not speak a word to anyone about your wish.

It’s a kind of like preparing bad luck about your wish.


Speak more about your relationship, less of your job.

We know you are addict to your job, but..

Please.. share your memories and you future with him instead of you desk-friend Janice, and other bothers of your work.

Say him how much you care about him, and how about you love sharing your life with him.


Place a picture of both of you on your desktop laptop, iPad and iPhone.

Not on his, ok?

Display more delicacy and subtlety.

Choose two or three different photos (one for each devices) all taken from the weddings you attended to, and the engagement party you both loved participated.


If you buy bridal magazines, don’t place them on the dining room table.

Once again, be subtle. You can place one in a place which is only your space.


Have fun on Instagram & Pinterest!

You can create several boards for your engagement shoot and/or wedding.

One rule, and only: keep them all secrete to anyone. But you can pin when he is next to you during a soccer moment. Or when he is woking home for his business. And if the phone rings, go and leave your Ipad open on your Pinterest.


Give him access to your jewelry box.

If you want Mr Big proposes you with the full equipment, he has to know the size of the ring to choose.

So, let your beautiful box of rings accessible, in your bedroom for example. And do not show him you care about it.

He must be sure that if a ring is missing, you will never note it.

He needs time to borrow it and take benefit of it.


Do not play a role.

Be you! Be creative, but be you.

Do not overestimate the love games you can have together. It’s not the deal to gain the proposal while being more affectionate. I know, it’s funny, and very tempting. But after what..

Mr Big do not deserves less attention after he proposed you.


Prepare your hair, body and skin.

Because no matter what will happen, you will illuminate his days. And, bonus, you hair, body and skin will thank you even more.


Enjoy each second of your down-time together.

This could be a non-tip now. Enjoy each seconds spending with him as you never wait for something else, except happiness. Doing things naturally. Loving.. as simple as breathing in his arms is an evidence to your unique love.

Wish you a memorable experience! Being proposed for the first time happens only once in a life!