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In 2017, Muriel joined the inner circle of the world elite planners at the occasion of the Planners Xtraordinaire Show in Dubai which gathered hundreds of her peers, coming from over 30 countries. It was not a goal for her, but Muriel was humbled of being distinguished and recognized for the great job she does daily with her clients and partners.



Muriel just happened to end up in the wedding industry. When she first founded her company to promote corporate events as a DMC, she was asked to organize a wedding. After she declined four times, she finally accepted the challenge, with the only promise that this wedding would not be boring nor meringue > all the clichés she really hated since being a young girl. The young girl grew up. Muriel still abhors boring and meringue weddings.



As only providing exclusive and full planning services, Muriel decided some years ago to only accept from eight to a maximum of ten destination weddings to handle a year. To guarantee high results and success for your destination wedding, you deserve her widest availability Muriel has to offer. Few couples = umpteen details that make the whole difference.

Welcome to enchanting Tuscany!

Tuscany has this unique characteristic that you will have wide and green landscapes inland, and beautiful coasts bathed by the Mediterranean sea.

Discover the area thanks some of our curated captions below.

  • Ambiance

    Discover the area thanks some of our curated captions below. Ideal for: .... destination weddings

  • Food & Wine

    Italian food is as healthy as yummy. Everything is based on vegetables and seasonal specialties. Italian Chefs are über creative and the wedding industry has a lot to offer as destination weddings are part of their D.N.A. No matter the number of guests you plan to have, the service and its quality will be at the highest standards that you are expecting.

  • Hospitality

    As many very renowned locations in Europe, Tuscany has a lot to offer in termes of accommodations. Hospitality for Italians is very important and tourism helped this part of the country to develop the locals. Choosing Tuscany for your destination wedding is a good bet if you have in mind to cover all your guests' needs.

  • Weather

    The climate in Tuscany is mostly mild and so quite perfect to host your destination wedding there. July and August are definitely the hottest months of the year, when September and June are great with cooler temperatures. Best period to plan a destination wedding in Tuscany: May to June and September to October.

  • People - The Natives

    Tuscany natives are very proud of their land. Of their culture. Of their history. No matter what you are looking for in Tuscany, the generosity of Tuscany inhabitants will reconfort you in the good human nature. Generous and very welcoming, Italian love to share and welcome guests. And.. as real epicureans they are, all great moments happened around a meal! Let's do it with a Chef.. The ultimate experience in Tuscany.

  • Things to do

    Outdoor leisures: Yoga, biking, horse-riding, trekking. Cuisine leisures: cooking class, wine tasting... Relaxing and Beauty treatments: Spa, Yoga retreats...

  • How to travel there

    International Airport - Florence (FLR) Arrivals from all over the world with some connections. Cabs + Private chauffeur + Car rentals on site.

  • Why I recommend this place

    Tuscany is exactly on the same page as my native are: Provence. Wide landscapes, small villages that you can privatise, a fantastic climate. I “vivement” recommand this place also because you can celebrate a legal wedding.

  • My Villages and Cities' bucket list for you

    Chianti | Pitigliano | San Giminiano | Firenze | Cortona | Montepulciano | Pienza | Casentino | Siena