We did it! Celebrity wedding in Capri

Capri luxury wedding-planner Muriel Saldalamacchia
Muriel Saldalamacchia
Muriel Saldalamacchia

For more than 10 years in the destination wedding business, travelling the world for weddings, Muriel is France based, but has also rocked in Italy few years ago.

Embark on this celebrity wedding in Capri. From yacht to lemon trees.

When we’ve been asked to plan celebrity Jacky Heung’s wedding with his no-less famous fiancee Bea Hayden, we knew from the very first second the four days wedding would be as challenging as exciting!

From Saluzi Yacht, to Da Paolino (Lemon Trees Restaurant), il Capri Palace and Il Riccio, we worked with our very beloved team, tutti Caprese!

Photo Credits : Tiffany Heung – Muriel Saldalamacchia and various.

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Capri is the IT-Place for celebrities’ weddings. And we planned one of them

Wedding decor for our Celebrity wedding in Capri

Spending several days to celebrate your wedding abroad: isn’t it dreamy?

Four days in Capri + a few more days to sail around Mediterranean seas. That was the ambitious but yet concrete plan organized for Jacky & Bea’s wedding last September. How do we imagine the best experience? While exploring the gorgeous clichés we have to offer in Capri, but.. obviously: with a twist.

Rehearsal Dinner at Da Paolino Restaurant

Italian cuisine is known to be famous, worldwide. Da Paolino Restaurant, genuinely managed by lovely Michela is one of the greatest table in Capri.

Here’s the menu we served:

– Buffala di mozzarela, Tomatoes and Rucola salad, Parma Ham, Dep fried zuchini flowers.
– Local assortment of pasta: Ravioli Caprese in lemon saulce, Ricioli with zuchini flowers, and Spaghetti  with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil.
– Sea bass fillet, served with asparagus or Eggplants Parmigiana style.
– Temptation Room” Fiano Pietra Calda Feudi
Chianti di Pozano Frescobaldi

Roof top ceremony @ Il Riccio

The ceremony had been over emotional. Bearing in mind this blessed and spiritual celebration would have been broadcasted on the first ChineseTV-Channel, we managed to keep the privacy of the moment with a very involved and respectful team of vendors.

It's Dinner time! 

Recovering from the roof-top ceremony at sunset. That was an absolute necessity and our clients were at the right place, at the right moment. Il Riccio is a one Michelin Star restaurant, and we entirely decided the menu, to surprise the newlyweds and their most beloved ones. 

Then, we designed the dinner in a Spring Dolce Gabbana style, perfectly executed by Anna-Lisa and her team at Flowers in Capri

A wedding in Capri can’t happen if you don’t gift the guests with Carthusia Profumi candles.

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