Awe-destination wedding at Chateau Diter

Muriel Saldalamacchia
Muriel Saldalamacchia

For more than 10 years in the destination wedding business, travelling the world for weddings, Muriel is France based, but has also rocked in Italy few years ago.

You'll be amazed by this wedding planned
in 9 months only.

3 days of wedding = 4 wedding receptions + 1 symbolic ceremony

Number of guests : 95

Wedding Venue : Chateau Diter, in Grasse | French Riviera | Ambiance : Festive and Belle-Epoque | Black-tie wedding | 9 months of planning | 14 professionals selected and gathered for this destination wedding in in French Riviera

Photographer : Jeremy Ferrero

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The Venue, Chateau Diter

Chateau Diter is an unmistakable location that has a very sad story. We’ve been (un)lucky to be the last wedding to be celebrated there as it’s has been ordered to be destroyed for some non-understandable reasons. We wish Monica & Patrick Diter to have enough energy to continue to fight to keep their Palais Florentin alive for the next decades. No matter what, we will be by their side.

Awe-destination wedding in French Riviera at Chateau Diter

Lis & Tris Ceremony

How romantic is this ceremony. Tris’ brother had been chosen to be the celebrant of this gorgeous wedding ceremony. Lis’s dad – an Opera singer – obviously sang with the String quartet we hired for the wedding. The temple had been magnified by a very natural but bold decoration with flowers, in a blush-red-greyish palettes. We decided to entrust the talented team of Mademoiselle Jules, a French Riviera wedding-designer agency.

A touch of paperie

The aesthetics were from the very beginning very clear to Lis & Tris. Belle Epoque style, in reference to their yearly summer holidays in Saint-Tropez. To create this very detailed and gorgeous paperie suite, we worked hand inn hand with Christelle from Crème de Papier, a French designer we know very well since many years.

Bon Appétit!

Before peaking their seat, we managed in our planning to give Jeremy enough time to capture some details of the l’Art de la Table we completely created with Lis & Tris and that Estelle and Mademoiselle Jules’ team produced. We’re still amazed by the delicacy and obvious simplicity (but yet tricky to imagine at first sight). The ambiance was refined, not ostentatious: exactly what Lis & Tris expected. Four lines of tables, with Le Nozze de Figaro as the head table.

When the bridal party has some fun!

No need to write too many words. Happiness captured by Jérémy sais it all! We won’t have enough words to thank Lis & Tris for the generous humans they are. 9 months to plan their dream wedding. Always available, always caring, always responsive and smiling, making decision vastly… Those adjectives could be the ones for the ideal wedding-planner. But it is also true for clients. Lis & Tris : you’re dreamy Xx -M

Awe-destination wedding in French Riviera at Chateau Diter

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