About Us

Our differences are our assets!

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Near a decade of experience in planning of destination weddings.

And then, so many challenges met brightly!

Know how to manage up to 11 nationalities on a same reception; know how to create and put in place a 4-days-touring-wedding, how to make a wedding on the trails in a high-mountain chalet of with the privatization of the ski lifts for 120 guests; know how to manage touristic turns for the guests; set up a coherent dress code; how to imagine and manage different menues for one and only reception without wastage…

Only 8 to 10 couples as clients every year. Why?

Today, Muriel accompanies about 8 to 10 couples every year. Why?

  • To give myself to 300% to every fair is engrossing and every couple whom I accompany deserves all my attention.
  • With some of my clients, I chat every single day – I put in place a system of private community which allows instantaneous exchanges. I owe myself to be devoted for them.
  • With 8 to 10 weddings a year, I can guarantee a high level of creativity and inspirations.
  • Then, it is the only way to have and to give pleasure from and to my clients. When you focus, you perform! This is everything my clients deserve!

"The details are not the details. They make the design!"

- Charles Eames