About Us

Our Clients Focus

We place every couple right in the heart of our attention. Never mind with « how many » couples we work with, our relationship is unique and we do not like to speak about what is happening with other of our couples.

Most of our customers are couples with strong professional careers for whom the fulfillment realize themselves, daily.

Furthermore, what we also underlined, it is that our customers are all accustomed to consuming service. This allows the fair value, and to be able to

estimate to every turn, the quality of our services and of our devotion.

With an international opening on their lives, our customers are travelers. Their travels are frequent, mostly for their professional career.

Of a wide culture and clearly open minded, each of our clients defines himself as being « fun – loving. » Living valuable and memorable moments.

At last, humor is a last feature we have in common. We plan destination weddings and when we advance together, good-humoredly and a good dose of humor we make the experience unforgettable.

Photos by Reego Photography | Garderes & Dohmen

Eighty percent of success is showing up

- Woody Allen