7 confessions your destination wedding-planner deserves from you

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Muriel Saldalamacchia
Muriel Saldalamacchia

For more than 10 years in the destination wedding business, travelling the world for weddings, Muriel is France based, but has also rocked in Italy few years ago.

All you need to know to nurture your relationship with your

We can easily read everywhere that you (the bride-to-be) and your destination wedding planner will be the BFF – mean by Best Friends for ever.

Sorry to annihilate your illusions, but you signed a contract together, and as friendly and devoted your destination wedding planner is, you will definitely enjoy her professionalism instead her friendship. At least up to your wedding. Once your wedding done, you have all the latitude to let your heart speaks. I personally have real friends who were first clients. That’s the way it goes: we were meant to meet.

Anyway.. confessions to your destination wedding planner

As a  destination wedding is very different to manage, you have to keep in mind that some topics have to be discussed to ensure a good relationship and a fantastic destination wedding.

#1 | Where your guests are coming from?

Welcoming your guests and providing the perfect she scheduling for them is one of the top priority of your destination wedding-planner. 

 Your childhood friend is now living in London for more 14 years? Fantastic. But I can predict that your husband-to-be’ s cousin from Johannesburg will have a different biologoical rythm, related to the time zone. But also due to the length of their trip to join their wedding. 

With these information, your destination wedding-planner will be deeper in the timeline’s precision of your big day. The cocktail hour and the wedding dinner will be differently shaped from a classical local wedding. confessions to your destination wedding planner

#2 | What scares you most?

This is the ABC of your relationship. You have to say what scares you the most. 

Your destination wedding-planner is committed to help you not to stress – I mean reasonably. 

If you stress in your daily life, all year long for everything, your destination wedding-planner will not perform miracles. A psychologist will! Enough with the jokes. Seriously, as many brides-to-be – and its classic and normal – you may have one (or more) big point that scares you. 

JUST TELL it to your destination wedding-planner. You scare that your guests will not mingle enough? #Justtell ! 

You scare about the weather? Just tell! 

You scare about your guests will find the trip to complicated? #Justtell 

Your destination wedding-planner will perform miracles. This time! Yes to confessions to your destination wedding planner! 

#3| What scares your husband-to-be most?

Same thing, same reasons, same issues. With the only differences that Men are coming from Mars and women from Venus. Meaning that your scares are without fail not the same ones. #JustTell

#4| What is your ultimate dream?

Time to perform miracles! confessions to your destination wedding planner Your destination wedding-planner is a genius. An expert of weddings, an expert of the area AND thanks her/his experience of the past years, she/he will : at least guide you to find a solution to adapt if not possible, and at best, make it happen. Trust me: 8 out of 10, she/he will perform! #JustTell

#5| It’s going to fast for me!

You agreed with the yearly planning that your destination wedding-planner. But you choke. No time to give to achieve your tasks, make your decisions. Just tell. Maybe, with all the excitement that made you thrill at the beginning you underestimate your availabilities, or, more simply, your job change and you have to make things differently. confessions to your destination wedding planner #JustTell ! Plannings are made to evolved. This is one the super-power that your destination wedding-planner has!

#6| I would love the process to go faster!

  • You learnt the process by heart! You look at your calendar each morning, each night and you despair of the time is going to slowly! For pity’s sake, trust the planning! Meaning the planning created specially for you by your destination wedding planner. 

Making decisions need time 

– Developing ideas need time 

– Learning from you need time 

– Learning from your destination wedding planner need time 

– Making your wedding very unique need time. Although these [good reasons] #JustTell your destination wedding planner that you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed about the process. 

As a pro, he/she will have the answer and words of comfort! #JustTell

#7| You love your destination wedding-planner!

#JustTell ! Even if its a professional relationship that you signed for, you will never avoid feelings. HOPEFULLY. 

 And if you love your destination wedding-planner, just tell! 

It will never represent weakness from you. Neither this avowal will let loosestrife happens. And guess what: even if your destination wedding-planner is a perfect professional, and knows how to manage all the tasks, her/his only stress is to disappoint you. Managing a perfect dinner, managing a perfect procession for your ceremony, managing the best suppliers.. The stress has nothing relating with theses points. But only with you. Make you happy, overwhelmed above all! Expectation’s’ satisfaction are so personal > this is the unique stress she/he can have. So.. you love her/him >> #JustTell ! 

You’ll see: it will also a surprise when she/he will open your heart also. #GoodVibes above all! 

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