15 of the most unique activities in Lake Como

Amphicar 770 by @Francesco Ornaghi
Muriel Saldalamacchia
Muriel Saldalamacchia

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It is no wonder that many stars like George Clooney, Madonna, and Richard Branson decided to have their own houses in Lake Como. This region is one most sought-after destinations in the world, and it offers many attractions for its visitors: from water sports to Michelin-starred restaurants. Suppose you are looking forward to doing a destination wedding here. In that case, you must check out this list of unique activities in Lake Como – you and your guests will be mesmerized by its nature and its glamourous atmosphere. See an extravagant wedding in Lake Como .

extravagant wedding in Lake Como
©All Seasons Photo for Muriel Saldalamacchia

 Unique activities in Lake Como

No matter if you love nature and extreme sports or even if you just want to enjoy a cooking class with family and friends. Lake Como has it all! See everything you can do or visit while there! Choose your wedding venue in Lake Como!

1. Boat tour

Once you arrive here, this is one of the must-do activities in Lake Como! You have to see different views of this gorgeous scenario! Some hotels, like Mandarin Oriental, offer boat tours for their guests to book. Some companies have a private charter if you want to discover Lake Como at your own pace. Most of these tours are non-stoppable. During the tour, they show you some of Lake Como’s beautiful towns and historic villas, like Villa Balbianello (location for Hollywood movies including Casino Royale and Star Wars), Bellagio, Isola Comacina, and Villa Pliniana. 

How about piloting a boat? You can rent your own boat in Menaggio and Tremezzina with Nautic  Planet – without a license or pilot. It is a great way to sail on the Lake with more privacy and at your own pace. Before leaving, their staff will explain all the attractions and navigation rules and help you understand how to operate the boat. Check out where do the ultra-rich get married in Lake Como.

boat tour in lake como
©Mandarin Oriental - Lake Como

2. Cablecar Argegno – Pigra

Do you want to see local landscapes from a totally different view? A great actibity is taking the amazingly tiny cable car – funicular in Pigra (not the one in Como). Considered one of the steepest ones in Europe, it connects the Municipality of Pigra to the Municipality of Argegno by taking you from 200 m to 850 m. You’ll be amazed by the view, and you’ll also be able to visit both towns.

3. Rent a bike

If you are a sports fan, maybe it is a good idea to rent a bike and explore some lakeside towns and attractions. Some leisure rides even combine cycling and discovering local food. Got kids? No problem! Some companies offer safer routes for families. However, if you are more adventurous or a pro, you can do mountain bike or enduro & DH tours.

4. Wine tasting

The Lombardy region, where Lake Como is nestled, is known for its boutique wineries. One of the most popular activities in Lake Como, you can get to see the Viticulture in Valtellina. Due to the vineyards’ efforts, risks, and work, this place is known as a “heroic vineyard.” If you are a wine lover, you’ll also like to visit the exclusive vineyards of Nino Negri and discover their age-old production techniques.

Another excellent wine experience is visiting Sorsasso Agricultural Holding. Their wines are characterized by intense flavors that call back to the rich land in which grapes were cultivated in Domaso, Lake Como. Some of their wines, like Domasino Red, Domasino White, and Domasino Rosé, have been awarded.

©Fabrice Labit

5. Sunset drinks

Can you imagine having a drink by the sunset overlooking this amazing landscape? If you are throwing a destination wedding there, this is one of the best activities in Lake Como to offer your guests!  Lido di Bellagio, for example, is an exclusive club perfect for cocktail soirées, informal parties, and aperitivi. During the day, you’ll find a beach equipped with gazebos, deckchairs and sun loungers. By the night,  you can enjoy their restaurant with beach bar.

Likewise, Villa Erba is a great place to throw a welcome party with fireworks overlooking the lake and signature cocktails. 

Luxury wedding in Lake Como – Villa Erba - Muriel Saldalamacchia
©Villa Erba - Gianni di Natale for Muriel Saldalamacchia

6. Michelin Starred Restaurants & local food

You’ll find some restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide in Lake Como. In Bellagio, Mistral is known for its creative cuisine offers a choice of Italian dishes alongside more international options, combined with a superb panoramic setting. Another exquisite option is located in Como. The restaurant Kitchen focuses on seasonal ingredients, where the chef uses herbs and vegetables from the restaurant’s own garden in many of his dishes. If you are more into modern cuisine, I Tigli in Theoria is perfect. You’ll be mesmerized by its architecture – it is situated in a 15th-century palazzo with an inner courtyard, a coffered ceiling, and paintings on its walls.

If you look forward to knowing the typical food, you should try the perch and the missoltino, a fish to eat with polenta. Also, don’t forget to make a reservation at Il Gatto Nero, where you can delight yourself with a risotto safrano while overlooking the Lake with a romantic atmosphere.

©Villa Serbelloni

7. Make your own pizza…and eat it, of course!

Well, we all know how Italy is famous for its pizza. So, it is very likely that you’ll give it a try. But what if you could make your own flavor? At several places and iconic hotels over the Lake, you can have a pizza class.

There, you’ll learn the secrets to making the perfect Neapolitan pizza.

On the other hand, if you do not feel like a pizzaiolo and just want to eat it, you can visit T Pizza in Grand Hotel Tremezzo. You’ll be able to try the authentic Italian pizza made with flour, fresh tomato sauce, and buffalo mozzarella.

©Viita Marija Murenaite

8. Mixology class

Did you know that some of the finest classic cocktails like Negroni and Martini originated in Italy?

In Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como, you can invite guests to an exclusive Italian mixology masterclass with the bar manager Luca De Filippis.

©Mandarin Oriental

9. Renting an Amphibious vehicle

If you want to travel in grand style, one of the best activities in Lake Como is renting an amphibious vehicle.

Yes, that’s exactly what you’ve read.

In Lecco, you can hire the Amphicar 770, a rare car born in Germany during ‘60s.

With that, you can explore both the lake and the mountain views.

However, if you are more into a classical experience, you can rent a vintage car and drive through the area.

©Amphicar 770 by ©Francesco Ornaghi

10. Water sports

If you are into sports, you can’t miss the opportunity to practice these activities in Lake Como.

You’ll find hobbies like

  • rowing,
  • canyoning,
  • stand-up paddle,
  • water skiing,
  • sailing,
  • windsurfing,
  • kitesurfing, or even diving.


On the other hand, if you prefer something calmer, you can go fishing. It is up to you!

©All seasons photo

11. Shopping in Bellagio

Whether you are looking for souvenirs or just to amuse yourself, Bellagio is the right place to go shopping.

Among its cobblestone streets, you’ll find from traditional shops and artisans to modern boutiques and high-end fashion shops.

Bellagio - Matthew Daniels

12.Helicopter ride

Do you want to see Lake Como from a different view? Then, you can book a helicopter tour!

This is one of the most exclusive activities in Lake Como.

You’ll be astonished by the breathtaking views during the ride, including its picturesque villages and luxury villas.

You will enjoy every milliseconds of it! 

Luxury wedding in Vila Balbiano Muriel Saldalamacchia
©Villa Balbiano

13.Enjoy an experience at a luxury accommodation

In Lake Como, you’ll find excellent high-end hotels and villas that will make you feel over the moon. If you want a more romantic experience, you can spend one night in the Greta suite at Grand Hotel Tremezzo.  Just imagine yourself having your early breakfast on the private terrace and, after some spa treatments, enjoying the sunbeds on the beach created all around the floating pool of T-Beach. 

Another great option – especially if you are celebrating your wedding with family and friends – is spending some staycation at the luxurious and newly built Villa Molli. It can host up to 12 people, with four master rooms and two standard rooms. You and your guests will be mesmerized by its infinite pool on the whole width of the property and the cliffs of the Lake.

Last but not least, you can privatize the splendid Villa Del Lago at Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como. At this three-bedroom private villa, you’ll enjoy entertainment activities such as a games room, table football, a wet bar, and an outdoor jacuzzi. Its terrace and gardens will surprise you with their splendid views.

Luxury wedding in Lake Como - Grand Hotel Tremezzo- Muriel Saldalamacchia
©Grand Hotel Tremezzo

14. Take a hydroplane on Lake Como

If you are looking for a really unique experience, this is one of the activities in Lake Como that you should try!

At the Aero Club Como, you can take a seaplane and fly above Lake Como all year round.

Moreover, the possibility of landing on water practically anywhere makes this an opportunity to discover beautiful, hidden corners.

If you are brave enough, you might also book some flying lessons.  

Hydroplane Lake Como - ©Artak Petrosyan

15. Visit the local markets

We all know how much Italians cherish good food and fresh ingredients – please, do include it in your list of activities in Lake Como.

So, you might feel tempted to get to know some local markets.

You’ll find some great options around Lake Como:

  • Como Covered Market,
  • Gravedona Market,
  • Balayage Market,
  • Tremezzina Market and many others.


They all open in specific days of the week, so make sure to consult their schedule.

Four places you can’t miss in Lake Como


This small charming town is a mandatory spot in Lake Como. Allow yourself to wander around the cobblestone streets, go to high-end shops and see the views of the Lake. In Bellagio, you can also visit the Basilica of San Giacomo, a church built between the 11th and 12th centuries, and Melzi Gardens. Are you hungry? Here you’ll find lovely restaurants.


You can start by Como town center (or old town), an area enclosed by medieval walls, making everything more interesting. This region is also full of shops, cafes, and delicious restaurants. If you are into architecture or churches, you can’t miss the magnificent cathedral Duomo Di Como. Another interesting spot to visit is the Silk Museum in Como.


If you are a Star Wars or James Bond fan, you can’t miss Tremezzina, as some scenes of the movie “Attack of the Clones” and “Casino Royale” were shot there. Apart from that, The Sacred Mount of Ossuccio, a devotional complex inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also located in Tremezzina. The Greenway of Lake Como is a leisurely and pleasant itinerary that leads through ancient villages with charming views for those who are really into nature. interesting spot to visit is the Silk Museum in Como.


This picturesque and traditional village is a must-go in Lake Como. You’ll be delighted to meet Varenna’s lakefront, called Riva Grande. You can choose between cafes, restaurants, local artisan shops, and ice cream parlors. Are you on a romantic trip? Then you’ll love to wander through the Passeggiata degli innamorati (Walk of lovers), a promenade that connects Riva Grande to the boat landing. Are you into history, art, and architecture? You should consider visiting the Church of San Giorgio and Villa Monastero.

Most frequent questions about Lake Como

What makes Lake Como unique?

Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes in Europe, and it has a characteristic shape, surrounded by mountains. However, what makes this place so unique is the nature and the fantastic views. Furthermore, its luxurious atmosphere is absolutely enchanting. People are mesmerized by its delicious gastronomy and its high-end hotels and villas.

What is Lake Como famous for?

Lake Como is worldwide known for being a high-end destination with gorgeous landscapes, luxury villas, and resorts. Some celebrities like George Clooney and Richard Branson have chosen this place to own houses.

Which part of Lake Como is the most beautiful?

Above all, some of the most beautiful regions in Lake Como are Bellagio, Como, Varenna, and Tremezzo.

What can you do in Lake Como during the day?

As seen in this article, the region offers numerous daylight activities, such as boat tours, water sports, and bike rides.

Which side of Lake Como is better?

Hard to say one branch of Lake Como is better than the other one. But I can share my personal preference, and it goes to the Como Branch of the lake. I love both the east and west shores of the Como Branch. Western shore as you have plenty of iconic villas, and amazing spots for weddings, activities all the way north, even until Switzerland. And I love the Eastern shore as it is quiet and also hosts the insider’s spots and most beautiful gem-hotels. I would then say, Western for everything, parties and Jet Set life, and all eastern shores for the VIP experience, far from paparazzi and mass tourism.

You dream of celebrating your wedding in Lake Como?

Simply ask for a first chat, and we will be more than happy to answer each of your questions.

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