The International Wedding Planner, Muriel Saldalamacchia. By Manuel Meszarovits Wedding photo journalist.
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©Martina Micko Photographer
Renowned destination wedding planner Muriel Saldalamacchia
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Muriel Saldalamacchia | Wed'addict©

renowned destination wedding planner

``Personality begins where comparison ends``

Karl Lagerfled
Nominated as « Industry Leader » by Jacqueline Vasquez,  ABC – NY director & manager,
I am clearly an entrepreneur at heart.
My choice and devotion are focused on weddings, for nearly 10 years now.
I am Wed’addict© !
A wedding-planning agency

The agency was born at the end of 2008.

With an early career in France, over the years, it is an international activity that  I have developed. New York, Switzerland, Spain, Ibiza, Greece with its islands…

All as more sublime as unique and memorable weddings.

Strong of a consuming expansion, today, we are specialists of South of France with Provence, French Riviera, Corsica and Italy with Lake Como and Tuscany.

The job to wedding-planner requires knowhow to(checked) and know to be (checked also!). This job is my first nature. Surrounded with a team of which I am proud, the fulfilment is complete.

I am the expert evaluation in luxury destination weddings.

French/American culture = two continents.

My very frequent round-trips travels to New York (barely some weeks between two flights) allow me to be able to intervene on other aspects of my expertises while proficient in the destination weddings.

These round-trips travels allow me also to be close to my customers, that they are New Yorkers or that we organize our meetings in the Big Apple on occasion of their professional travels.

This is exactly in these terms that we are close to you!

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Caroline D, a francophile new-yorker, relates about her first meeting with Muriel.

« To look plain, I would tell you that to Muriel Saldalamacchia is deeply in love of the universe in which she bathes since almost 10 years now: weddings!

Muriel is a wedding planner (from now on international) endow with the service ‘s increased sense, with a real devotion for the couples whom she accompanies. I noticed that all of the weddings that she organizes are alternately authentic weddings; fanciful; romantic; exuberant or luxurious with argument for common denominator: tailored-made!

What she entrusted for me? :

« I want to give more than I can to each couple that  By luck, I attract the contemporaneous couples, who travel often and are consumers of the new technologies and services. Feeling is always instantaneous. Almost like a love at first sight!« 

A renowned Wedding Institute dedicated to improve wedding-planners' skills and abilities.

When I threw myself in the wedding industry there is … wow… already near to 10 years, in France, announcing that you were a wedding-planner was a perfect heresy. Either you take away of all reason or you are immature to dare to believe that it had one nondescript usefulness for you.

Real far west, the first wedding-planners were compulsorily self-made. With the advantages and the downsides that it was including.

In order to increase in value our job and make it grow, thanks to techniques and of rules driven after several years in activity and a given amenity, I founded my Wedding Institute for the ones and those whom to dream to become wedding-planner.

Strong of our success, with the pedagogical team we opened our courses of improvement to the wedding-planner already installed, starting on March 2013.

Today, these are more than 50 professionals whom we train, teach and accompany every year.

A recognized, tremendous and acclaimed expertise.
  • 2009

    Several booklets’ author, all dedicated to brides-and-grooms-to-be

  • 2013

    Several booklets’ author, all dedicated to wedding planners already in activity.

  • 2014

    New member at fantastic A.F.W.P.I. – Association for Wedding Professionals International,  California based.

  • 2014

    New member at prestigious BeeLeev’ – Institution who gathers selected influent international entrepreneur in IT and wealthy markets.

  • 2014

    Editor for « Weddings Elsewhere« , brand new international magazine dedicated to destination weddings worldwide.

  • 2015

    Lifestyle and Wedding Editor for the International « World Bride Magazine ».

  • 2015

    Wedding Consultant for a New-Yorker’s TV show, on #AriseTV.

  • 2016

    Speaker for several conferences in Canada and New York. All of these conferences are about destination weddings worldwide, and international weddings.

To her credit in the wedding industry

Réussir dans le Mariage© – since March, 2013.

Founder and editor at large of a free resource of informations and trainings opened to wedding planners :

Wedding Institute – Groupe MSL©  since 2011.

Founder and manager of an official and agreed wedding institute in France, where only selected wedding-planners can join.

Booklets & Guides – since 2009.

For both couples and professionals.

Label Mariage© – since 2012.

Founder of a label dedicated to French wedding professionals, gathering all type of vendors :

Wedding Bar© – from 2012 to 2013.

Founder of a V.I.P Bridal show, very exclusive and premiere services, where only brides-to-be could be welcomed.

Recognized in the media for her work

Featured on

American & French print medias,

 Internationals blogs,

American & French radios,

American T.V.

Guest speaker for a TV-Show on Arise TV - New York City - May, 2015.

"Why do you think destination weddings are growing in popularity and what are the trends?"