our differences our assets

our differences our assets

Our differences are our assets!

Geographic presence to be at your sides.

We are able to meet up with you – for real – in NYC, in Paris and in Provence for you. Let’s consider our relation.

Near a decade of experience in planning of destination weddings.

And then, so many challenges met brightly! Know how to manage up to 11 nationalities on a same reception; know how to create and put in place a 4-days-touring-wedding, how to make a wedding on the trails in a high-mountain chalet of  with the privatization of the ski lifts for 120 guests; know how to manage touristic turns for the guests; set up a coherent dress code; how to imagine and manage different menues for one and only reception without wastage.

As many experiences which push us to be able of going even further to every detail.

Privatized locations and venues transformed the time of your event.

Our speciality: Offer uncommon pearls to nest your wedding. Halfway between the real estate agency and the conciergerie, we excel in the privatization of unexpected Mas, Bastides, Vineyards or Domains which are all outside directories of weddings. Face the technical constraints without you have to worry about it and present you different scenarios which make you dream, there is our mission.

Today, it is one of our forces, clearly.

Etiquette's mastery | French & American.

No matter the etiquette is American or French, we are of devout Ambassadors of this art of living which characterizes the elegance and the modernity of your wedding. Tableware, speech, toasts, discourse,  processions, invitations, timing.

As many French-American subjects or topics we master thanks our founder’s double culture.

An important wedding planners' network.

This network allows us to be able to answer to all of our requests in Europe and in the USA. Stemming from the wedding institue of Muriel Saldalamacchia or stemming from the international affiliations of which we depend, these wedding planners complete punctually our teams to make grow our knowhow.

Only 10 couples as clients every year. Why?

Today, Muriel accompanies about 10 couples every year. Why?

« To give myself ,to 300% to every fair is engrossing and every couple whom I accompany deserves all my attention. With some of them, I tchat every single day – I put in place a system of private community which allows instantaneous exchanges. I owe myself to be devoted for them ».

With around 10 full-planning-service weddings a year with Muriel … the casting is rough, isn’t it?

« I do not have pre- determinate strict criteria, the main spirit of the wedding has be fun with a strong identity, and a great value of complexity! I know I have a big crush on sincere love, and for couples who want to share their big day with all of their closest friends and families. I love all of the couples whom I already accompanied.

I am very grateful and thankful for this. »

Caroline D. a francophile new-yorker, tells of Muriel:

« I advise you keenly to contact this ball of energy which makes the good! I no longer know today if she were more wedding planner or more in love of the love geek, but what I am sure about, it is that as soon as you will have contacted her, she will dive into your universe, listen to you carefully and you will consider together what the ideal and unique words really mean for you. »

Every detail matters | Chaque détail compte.

our differences our assets