Martha Stewart | NYC | Muriel Saldalamacchia

Muriel Saldalamacchia is the first French Destination Wedding-Planner who had been invited to speak at Martha Stewart Annual Wedding Party in NYC.

Martha Stewart had always been the symbol of success for Muriel.

Successful in Weddings, in Lifestyle. As an entrepreneur, as a billionaire, as a woman. Even in her difficulties, Martha managed great history. For herself, for her empire.

For the symbol she was. And that she’s still!

Year after year, Muriel read anything she could find about Great Martha. Not necessarily her numerous magazines. Reading about weddings magazine has nothing exciting for Muriel. Instead, she read books about her, and also Martha books. With nearly 80 books in some decades, Muriel had choices.

Then, Muriel decided in 2015 to attend her first Martha Stewart Wedding Party. Very frustrated not to have connexion with her guru, Muriel came back the year after. Again. Then , she made the perfect connection > Claudia Hanlin, the producer of the Martha Stewart Wedding Party in NYC.

From that point, everything went fast! A crush between these two women, and Muriel was a speaker for the next edition!

Welcome 2017!

Martha Stewart | Muriel Saldalamacchia > one dream had been achieved!

What will be the next one?

martha stewart nyc
Muriel Saldalamacchia & Martha Stewart being paparized. Official photo by Chudleigh weddings©