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In 2017 at Dubaï, Muriel joined the inner circle of the world elite planners on the occasion of the Planners Xtraordinaire Show that gathered hundreds of peers, coming from all over 30 countries. It was not a goal for her, but Muriel is humbly honoured of being distinguished thanks the great job she is doing, daily, with her clients and partners.



Muriel just happened to end up in the wedding industry. As she first founded her company to promote corporate events as a DMC, she has been asked to organise a wedding. Once she refused four times, she finally accepted the challenge, with the only promise that this wedding would not be boring and meringue > all the clichés she really hated since she was a young girl. The young girl had grown up. Muriel still hates boring and meringue weddings.



As only providing exclusive and full planning services, Muriel decided some years ago to only accept from eight to a maximum of ten destination weddings to handle a year. To guarantee high results and success for your destination wedding, you deserve her widest availability Muriel has to offer. Few couples = umpteen details that make the whole difference.

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We know you prefer experiences than things to collect. Which treasure from Lake Como do you want to remember for ever?

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  • Lake Como: Italy's top notch!

    Lake Como is a magical destination in Italy that you will undoubtedly love forever.

    No matter the ambiance you dream about for your wedding there, the place will breathtaking you.

    A fra poco*
    *see you in a bit

    Photo credit ©John Dolan

  • Generous and delectable cuisine!

    Renown as one of the healthiest food in the world, Italian Chefs are creative and work with good ingredients surrounded all areas.

    Invite la dolce vita to your menu.
    Buon appetito!!*
    *enjoy your meal

    Photo credit ©Relais Sassa al Sole