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January 3, 2016

How to choose your bridal dress for destination wedding and travel with it ?

By Muriel - The International Wedding Planner

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Muriel Saldalamacchia

French destination wedding expert settled in Provence and NYC, Muriel Saldalamacchia is a destination wedding expert, and plans exquisite destination weddings in South of France and Italy. Muriel has been author for several American printed magazines and online, an international speaker for destination wedding conference in the US, Middle East and Canada. Still operating with a maximum of 12-15 weddings per year, Muriel is enthusiast and passionate. Muriel is always ready to handle with demanding couples with high expectations! Don’t think you are too picky, she will easily admit she’s at least as picky as you are.


Bridal dress for destination wedding

Congratulations ! You made the decision for a destination wedding because it is one of your dream. And, you already have an idea about how your dreamed wedding dress will be…
Not to mention you don’t want to become a bridezilla ( don’t you ? :p ) here are few and very interesting topics about How to choose your bridal dress for your destination wedding and travel with it ?
Breathe deeply, sip a good soft drink and tap the screen of your Ipad to follow the instructions below.


1/ Firstly : choose your destination then its period

Yes, that seems stupid, but not that much:) Because it is easy to take things back to front and to put itself sticks in its own wheels, you should not especially limit yourself in term of urge for destination because of the logistics, and thus the bridal dress ! How to choose your bridal dress for your destination wedding and travel with it ? Without having to leave your native area, the run up for a wedding always starts by the search for the venue. For a destination wedding, it is quite the same matter. Determining element: in which period of the year the destination you choose is most beautiful for you ? Make the most of it : you have the power right now ! Hints and tips : think about the ceremony. If the place is steep or difficult to access, think of an easy and light dress. If the path for the ceremony is narrow, forget the side  » Empress Sissi « .

  • ©Tiara Photography
  • ©Studio Cabrelli


No need to choose a local colored dress.

To get married for example in Provence, does not mean wanting a dress in printed matters of cicadas or lavender (OMG!). Quite as getting married in New York does not necessarily means getting married in 5-inchees-high-heels as Carrie Bradshaw ( to go down many Parks with 5 inches heels is downright suicidal,  » I swear it on Chanel© « ). Choose your bridal dress according to whom you are ! Just think about how your tender husband-to-be would love to discover you. And remember one last thing : the photos ! Photos will last for ever ! Even beyond four generations of children. Choose a bridal dress you feel free to dance with, to moove, and to walk ! Just like the way you are, deeply !

  • luxury wedding planner ©Remi Dupac
  • ©Dan Petrovic


Where to buy your bridal dress for your Destination Wedding?

Wherever your destination wedding takes place, it will be difficult to find a designer or a wedding gowns shop that could suits to you there. You will have to make several attempts, several retouches. And this, until the last minute to have the most beautiful fitted bridal dress. There are several ways to plan where to find your bridal dress : Near you On the area of your destination wedding On the web Near You => Choose a vendor or a designer who is very easy to meet if you do not have time enough (and money) to travel often as far as to meet him. It will be easy to create good relations, to touch materials, to discuss with the vendor or the designer. On the area => You can fix that option if you want to be fully integrated to the culture, and if you plan to go on the spot 2 times before the wedding. It’s clearly enough for a designer to create the perfect gown that fitted you! On the Web => you saw the only bridal dress of your dream via internet. Which disaster ! How can I manage the thing if the dress does not fit me at all ? Keep calm and breathe deeply ! Designers on the web, exactly knows how to do that ! They have specific policies – be sure to read them all – and they work fast. Make sure to have a skype appointment – to e-meet him (or her). So you can connect easier and you can build safe relationships of trust. Ask about the time for delivery. And go ahead ! Let yield to this incredible temptation : your perfect bridal dress.

  • ©Cecile Creiche Photography


How to travel with my bridal dress?

Yes ! This is about getting anxious, isn’t it ? Did you only already wait for your luggage at the airport, by watching disentangling luggage on carpets? Unfancy for your bridal dress – Oh YES! Clearly unfancy ! Good piece of news: ALL the companies today accept that you travel with your bridal dress by plane. Your bridal dress is considered as a hand luggage. Packed in its cover, stewart and stewardess will be pleased and excited to hang on your bridal dress affectedly in a specific place, even one of their wardrobe. Stewardesses are always under the charm by a couple which travels for its wedding. And moreover, who would dare not to be ? Hints and Tips #1: Place a call to the airline to tell them you will carry on your bridal dress. So they prevent the Chief Stewardess and she will take care of you and your precious dress. Hint and Tips #2: think about the hanger. It can not be wire hangers. Going through the security gates could raise you problem. Choose a type of steam-pressing which can be requisitioned easily, or a wooden hanger. You will facilitate the mission of the stewardess which will take care of your dress. Close your eyes, be relaxed.. Nothing more to do before you land on the dreaming destination you chose.

  • Bridesmaids at an Australian wedding in south of france by Muriel Saldalmacchia wedding planner Photo by Reego Photographie ©Reego Photographie
  • destination wedding planner muriel saldalamacchia photography by Reego Photography ©Reego Photography


Advices to travel better to be beautiful in your wedding dress for the Big Day:

Here are some tips to be followed to travel well, your body will thank you for caring him. # Before the departure Adapt your sleep. Anticipate your schedules to sleep some days before the departure: – If you leave eastward: go to bed earlier days preceding the flight, – If you leave westward: avoid going to bed too much early. Avoid sleeping drugs. # On board From the take-off, adjust your watch at the time of destination. To help you to manage the effects of the jet lag, airlines adapt the hour of the meals to that of the country of destination. Avoid the substantial meals : – If you leave eastward, privilege carbohydrates (pastas, rice), which favor the sleep. – If you leave westward, privilege proteins. Drink some water throughout the flight. Avoid the alcohol, the soft drink, the tea or the coffee which dehydrated. Enjoy your wonderful destination wedding wherever it takes place ! You will be the most beautiful bride the place could ever welcomed !

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