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November 21, 2017

Provence and Weddings: how to deserve your destination wedding there?

By Muriel Saldalamacchia

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Muriel Saldalamacchia

French destination wedding expert settled in Provence and NYC, Muriel Saldalamacchia is a destination wedding expert, and plans exquisite destination weddings in South of France and Italy. Muriel has been author for several American printed magazines and online, an international speaker for destination wedding conference in the US, Middle East and Canada. Still operating with a maximum of 12-15 weddings per year, Muriel is enthusiast and passionate. Muriel is always ready to handle with demanding couples with high expectations! Don’t think you are too picky, she will easily admit she’s at least as picky as you are.

Destination Wedding Planning provence Jardin Bastide de Gordes. ©Studio Bergoend

Provence weddings: Dreaming about a destination wedding in Provence is always a great and awesome perspective. 

Lavender fields, rustic but elegant venues you can privatise for your one-life time wedding, olive groves, sun… 

Already a lot of expectations you might say.

But far from blogs or magazines’ cliché, take time to read in few minutes, these following 7 points to discover and know if you really are ready for this overwhelmed experience.


Be open-minded

To my prospective, this is the most important point if you want to keep cool without turning into bridezilla while the planning process is moving forward. To choose a destination wedding provence means a lot of compromises. Why? First, because you’re far from your daily life, and you can not expect the exact same things as the one you expect around your corner in the city. Provence gets luxury gems to welcome you. Provence gets cuisine culture. Provence gets wine culture. Provence gets aesthetic signature. And for all of these things, you will have to be open-minded to welcome all of these strong provencal culture components. You have an idea of what Provence is. Just keep this childhood mind: be ready to learn and discover. If you are all comfortable with this first point « Be open-minded », congrats, just step the second level of this article.


Love Provence

From now on, you know you are open-minded and ready to make some compromises to host and prepare your destination wedding in Provence. And how about this question: what are your significant reasons to plan your destination wedding in Provence? I know the heart has its own reason which reason does not know, as Pascal said, and vice versa. So true! Provence and weddings Do not try to gather all Pinterest’s photos to put all in one. This will never happen. And you’ll be disappointed. And frustrated. Your dream wedding deserve much better than this, isn’t it? So if you love everything about Provence, its culture, its cuisine, its climate and its native Provençal, make a run for it!


Be cool with time-zone difference

When planning a destination wedding, I advise you to have in mind that – sometimes – you could under-estimate the value of timezone difference. Personally, I love when « things » are moving forward very fast. And when I have something in my mind, and go to sleep with it, I love to discover news by e-mail or texts on my iPhone© when I wake up. This is why you have to make sure that you are able to follow your wedding-team’s office hours. If you answered « YES » to this third point, we can continue to the next stop, which is more or less in the same vein… Provence and weddings


Be patient

No need to have a destination wedding in Provence to be patient. A wedding, destination speaking or not, deserves time and details. You have [HAVE] to be patient. What does this mean? You can ask for a clear vision of your wedding, and you need to have access to an online planning, available 24/7. You are time-obsessed? Be sure your wedding-planner is at least as obsessed as you are. Your wedding-team is professional, and time is money. But, rules for a fantastic relationship take time. And time. And time again. Be patient. Savor the planning process. Thanks the hard work of professionals in the world wide destination wedding industry,  couples are now looking for a memorable planning process experience. You are not looking for a simple book and planning to follow strictly. Nope. You are looking for a W.H.O.L.E. overwhelmed experience. From the first seconds of your relationship with the wedding-planner. Be patient. You will enjoy even more.


Travel will be needed

The ideal plan to enhance your destination wedding experience in Provence is to come one or two times prior the wedding. I dare to say it would be absolutely crazy not to travel to control your wedding, thousands of miles away from your living-room. > The first travel has to be dedicated to scouting for the selected wedding venues with your wedding-planner and can last only 2 or 3 days. So ideal for a short travel which will not disrupt you from your business agenda. > The second travel has to be dedicated to meet suppliers with your wedding-planner as well as the caterer (be sure to make and enjoy a tasting), the venue’s butler with the decorator (to make sure you will choose the good set-up), musicians, the beauty-team (make trials). I usually recommend to have 5 days dedicated to your wedding. In addition to these two points, I am clearly convinced it is another opportunity to spend time together and build your relationship. To my prospective, the planning experience would require a healthy and transparent communication.  This is why I spend time with my clients in NYC, where they live and in Provence, when they come to manage the wedding with my team and I.


Love the difference of culture

In the second section above, you had the opportunity to gather every points that make you crazy in love with Provence. For this sixth point, follow the guide and be inspired! Ask for the things to be different from your daily life. Ask for what make Provence so important for you. And finally be convinced it is the best location on earth to create your destination wedding. Embrace the culture the natives can offer to you. And you will have – for sure – the best destination wedding in Provence experience, ever!


Choose passionate professionals, in love with their area

Seventh and last point to conclude with this so important topic. Your destination wedding expert (your wedding planner) > be sure she/he will be the most passionate person you have ever met before. Being proud of one’s job is important. Being proud of the location where she/he is settled is almost as important. Be sure to hire only passionate provencal wedding suppliers thanks your wedding planner. If they want to welcome you each time and offer to gift you with the best things the area has to offer, you can bet all fortune your destination wedding in Provence will be as unique as you are.


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