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Muriel Saldalamacchia Wed'addict©

"Personality begins where comparison ends"

-- Karl Lagerfled

Nominated as « Industry Leader » by Jacqueline Vasquez, ABC – NY director & manager, I am clearly an entrepreneur at heart.
For nearly 10 years, my choice and devotion have been focused on weddings.
I’m a Wed’addict© !

© Rémi Dupac

French/American culture = two continents.


As destination wedding-planner’s duties require, I exactly know how to draw a destination wedding, how to make it happen and I also know how it is to travel, travel, travel! This job is my first nature. Surrounded with a team of which I am proud, the fulfilment is complete.

All of these round-trip travels from France to USA, to Middle-East or Canada enrich me.

I am also close to my clients when in NYC.  Most of the time, I organise our meetings in the Big Apple on occasion of your professional travels whether you are new-yorkers or not.

This is exactly in these terms that I am close to you!

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Destination Weddings USA TV Show with Muriel Saldalamacchia & Carlton Jones

Guest speaker for a TV-Show on Arise TV - New York City - May, 2015.

“Why do you think destination weddings are growing in popularity and what are the trends?”